Daily Crime Log


Daily Crime Log Notes:

This log lists all crimes reported to Texas A&M International University Police Department within the last 60 days. If you would like to see records older than 60 days, you must contact the department at 956.326.2100 or visit us at the University Police Department building.

Crime classifications are based on Texas law. To comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act) you will find Clery crime categories as standalone columns with a Title IX, Call Sheet, and Student Conduct or Case Report number. In addition, a Clery crime classification will be added in parenthesis for cases classified under the Texas law (e.g., Theft Class B (Burglary)). This means, Texas Law defined the incident as theft, but for Clery purposes, the incident is classified as burglary.

Furthermore, in regards to dispositions, the following definitions should help you, the consumer; better understand the status of a case.

  • Inactive: All leads have been followed up on; however, the investigator is unable to obtain sufficient evidence to prosecute.
  • Active: The case is currently under investigation.
  • Cleared by Arrest: Cases in which criminal charges are being pursued. These include cases in which a court summons may be issued at a later date or a juvenile referral form has been completed.
  • Exceptionally Cleared: Cases with sufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges; however due to circumstances beyond the investigator’s control, no charges are going to be filed. Some examples of this include the complainant signing a non-prosecution waiver, the prosecutor deciding not to pursue charges, or the suspect is deceased.
  • Unfounded: Cases that have been written up as a criminal offense, but do not meet the criminal elements. An example would be a report has been classified as Burglary, but is discovered during investigation, that the item in question was freely given to the person in question. Thus, there was no trespass element or intent to take someone’s property.
  • Administrative Referral: Complaint referred to the Title IX Coordinator or the Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement.

If you have any questions regarding the daily crime log, please contact us at 956.326.2100.

Thank you.