Building Emergency Coordinators (BECs)


The Building Emergency Coordinators program is intended to provide a "go-to" safety representative in campus buildings that serve as safety champions and safety liaisons to/from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. Primary responsibilities include assisting individuals with building evacuation, having knowledge of key safety resources on campus, supporting EHS's mission and promoting a safe workplace, and serving as the point of contact in their department/office for general safety matters and the conduit to EHS for more specialized support.

Current BECs

BECs on campus can be commonly identified by a unique sticker located on or near their workstation/office, as well as their high-visibility vest with "BEC" imprinted on the back during emergency situations. It is the responsibility of each BEC to communicate with their department/office to ensure occupants are familiar with their representative.

Academic Innovation Center (AIC)

3rd Floor Gloria Villagran

Bob Bullock Hall (BLK)

All Police Officers on Duty

Central Plant

1st Floor Antonio De La Rosa
Manuel Martinez III

Dr. F. M. Canseco Hall (CNS)

1st Floor Adriana M. Garcia
2nd Floor (none)
3rd Floor Hilda Pat Garcia

Billy Cowart Hall (CWT)

1st floor (none)
2nd Floor Norma Cortez
Taryn Shehab

Fine & Performing Arts Building (FPA)

1st Floor Adalberto Chavarria
Joshua Wolfe
2nd Floor Elizabeth Rubio

Physical Plant (h)

2nd Floor Adrian Domínguez
Jessica Perez
Daniel Berndt

Convocation & Kinesiology Building (KCB)

1st Floor Kayla Zambanini

Sue & Radcliffe Killam Library (KLM)

1st Floor Jhoanna Angeles
Isabel S. De Leon
Rene Diaz
Martha Laura Medina
Vanessa A. Ramirez
Francisco Vera Jr.
2nd Floor Julie Barrera
Heather Benavides
Catarina Colunga
Athena Cortez
Jeanette M. Hatcher
Josefina Molina
Yezmin Salazar
3rd Floor (none)
4th Floor (none)

Lamar Bruni Vergara Science Center (LBV)

1st Floor Amede Rubio
2nd Floor Maria D (Carmen) De La Garza
3rd Floor Kameron Jorgensen
Daniel Mott

University Housing

Floor N/A Griselda Solis
Jose Romero

Anthony J. & Georgia Pellegrino Hall (PLG)

1st Floor (none)
2nd Floor (none)
3rd Floor Rebeca Litman

Kinesiology, Wellness, and Recreation Center (REC)

1st Floor Gilberto A. Velazco
2nd Floor Juan G. Perez
Roberto Garza III
Clarissa Guerrero
Irene Mendoza

Student Center (STC)

1st Floor Enrique Botello
2nd Floor Abigail Fernandez

Western Hemisphere Trade Center (WHT)

1st Floor (none)
2nd Floor Jessica Cavazos

University Police Department (UPD)

1st Floor Laura Echandy

Zaffirini Success Center (ZSC)

1st Floor (none)
2nd Floor Jose Sanchez Jr.
Alfredo Siller
Benero-Roman, Yarisely
Roster updated: September 2023