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Casa Ortíz is now a two-story masonry flat roof structure. The floor plan consists of a courtyard surrounded by a loggia and adjacent rooms. The house, typical of the border/Mexican colonial town house, is built right up to the sidewalk. The ground floor of the house has five openings featuring double doors and an arched entrance that leads to the courtyard. The house has one long balcony that runs across the whole façade of the house and is supported by very elaborate cast iron brackets.


Casa Ortíz has housed five generations of the same family throughout the years. The original furnishings were removed from the upstairs bedrooms when the house was sold by Mrs. Bruna Puig Sutton’s son. Mr. Lawrence Mann was the owner of Casa Ortiz before Webb Country acquired it. The residence is now the property of Webb County and is on a 25-year lease to Texas A&M International University.

The house is currently used for holding University events, seminars, tours, and for educational purposes. Casa Ortíz is also associated with the Webb County Heritage Foundation and Streets of Laredo all work together enthusiastically to organize, participate, and host events, tours, and art exhibitions, for the community.

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