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EDCI 4366

Action Research (WIN)

Three semester hours.

Candidates in this course will engage in an applied inquiry-based research project. As a culminating experience for no-certification education majors, this course builds upon previous knowledge of educational concepts and theories and the ability to gather information, input and interpret data from various sources, and provide supportive data-driven arguments. The project will engage candidates in classroom-based or community-based academic research in order to demonstrate their knowledge regarding young children as it informs one’s own practice. EDCI 4366 is designated as a “Writing Intensive” (WIN) course in which writing will play a central role in the learning process, and in which grades earned on written work will constitute a significant portion of the course grade. Prerequisites: EDYC 4325 and 4335. Admitted to and in good standing in the College of Education. Co-requisite: EDCI 4398.

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