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  24 SCH
EDCI 53001 - Introduction to Teaching and Learning  
EDCI 5301 - Methods and Management, EC-12  
EDSE 53051 - Teaching Diverse and Exceptional Learners  
EDCI 53151 - Advanced Instructional Methods  
EDRD 5319 - Advanced Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties  
EDCI 53294 - Action Research Design  
EDCU 5310 - Human Growth and Development  
EDGR 5320 - Foundations of Educational Research  
EDBE 53221 - Bilingual Oral Language Assessment and Development
EDRD 53091 - Theory and Practice of Early Reading Development
EDBE 53251 - Teaching English as a Second Language
EDRD 53051 - Content Reading Instruction  

30 SCH

Additional Course for those seeking teacher certification (non-ACP Internship):
EDCI 5693 Clinical Teaching2 3

Note: Students will take EDCI 5300, EDCI 5315, EDSE 5305, and either EDRD 5305 and EDBE 5325, or EDRD 5309 and EDBE 5322 within the first 18 SCH of the program.

1These five courses are required in the TAMIU Alternate Certification Program (ACP).
2Students pursuing EC-6 certification must pass the EC-6 content examination prior to enrolling in EDCI 5693. Adding a Bilingual or ESL endorsement and passing the TExES Bilingual or ESL examination are highly recommended.
3Students pursuing 4-8, 7-12 or EC-12 certification must pass the appropriate TExES content examination prior to enrolling in EDCI 5693. Adding an ESL endorsement by passing the TExES ESL supplemental examination is highly recommended.See MAT-ACP admission requirements for availability of selected 4-8, 7-12, and EC-12 certification programs.
4Enrollment in EDCI 5329 requires a field experience, and will typically be taken in the last semester of the program, concurrent with EDCI 5693 Clinical Teaching.


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