Student Organizations


American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Chapter

Founded as the TAMIU Chemistry Club, this student organization was created to inspire young minds and let them discover the world of science through exciting concepts and experiments. As an active chapter of the ACS, the organization was renamed in 2018 to become TAMIU’s American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Chapter.

This organization wishes to stand as the most important student organization for the academic and professional advancement of students majoring in Chemistry, Biology, and related STEM studies at Texas A&M International University. TAMIU ACS aims to promote science and give back to the community by engaging its members in different activities, trips to conferences, and community service opportunities.

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American Medical Student Association

AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to guiding, advising, and representing the pre-medical students. Our mission is to expose premedical students to the medical field and prepare students to be competitive applicants to the health care field.

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Aspiring Veterinary Association

Aspiring Veterinarian Association's key points are to help students gain acceptance to Veterinary Schools by: seeking internships, shadowing, and volunteer hours. Fundraisers will be made to visit the two closest Veterinary schools. To join AVA it is not required to be pursuing a veterinary degree, we do many things for animals in the community as well as learn about them.

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Pre-Dental Society

The Pre-Dental Society shall be an organization of students interested in a career in the dentistry field. 

The purpose of the Pre-Dental Society shall be:  

  1. To assist students in the admissions process for dental school.
  2. To prepare students for a career in the dentistry field.
  3. To promote good oral hygiene across the TAMIU campus and Laredo community. 
  4. To promote interest in the dental profession across Laredo high schools.

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Pre-pharmacy Association

The Pre-Pharmacy Association will provide you with the proper knowledge and guidance that is needed in order to be equipped when applying to your desired pharmacy school. Shadowing and community service opportunities will be available to students as well.  

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Pre-Physical Therapy Society

The Texas A&M International University Pre-Physical Therapy Society aims to introduce physical therapy to students who may not be aware of the field, offer a helpful network for those students interested in physical therapy, and create connections with practicing therapists, speakers, and physical therapy school representatives in order to offer aid, knowledge, and opportunities to students.

All Texas A&M International University Undergraduate students are eligible for membership, and we hope to bring a broad range of information to these members including accredited programs and their pre-requisites, tuition, program lengths, class sizes, teaching methods, and more as well as contact information for shadowing and volunteer opportunities in the field of Physical Therapy.

TAMIU aims to be a resource to students to answer any inquiries they may have about the field of PT as well as undergraduate coursework and graduate programs. We aim to also serve as a service to contact and reach out to any person or program that the students may not have contact to on their own.

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Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society

Tri Beta is a society for students, particularly undergraduates. It seeks to encourage scholarly attainment in life sciences by reserving its regular membership for those who achieve superior academic records and who indicate special aptitude for and major interest in the life sciences. It desires to cultivate intellectual interest in the natural science and to promote a better appreciation of the value of biological study and thus welcomes into associate membership all those who are interested in biology. Tri-Beta also endeavors to extend the boundaries of man's knowledge of nature by encouraging new discoveries through scientific investigation and to this end encourages undergraduate students to begin research work and report their finding in the journal of the national society, BIOS.

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