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How do I set up a new account?

When a new account is needed, the New Account Application will need to be completed. The directions on how to complete the application are attached. Once the application is completed, it should be delivered to the Comptroller's Office in KL 162.

New Account Application Form

How do I get access to FAMIS?

In order to gain access to FAMIS, the Access Application for FAMIS & Purchasing Approval will need to be completed and submitted to KL162.

The new user will be contacted once a user ID has been assigned by OIT. The user will need to complete the Financial Accounting Training with Pat Ornelas (ext. 2815).   If the individual will be responsible for processing purchasing requisitions, they will need to schedule a training session with the Purchasing Department.


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Office of the Comptroller

Phone: (956)326-2378, Fax: (956)326-2159

5201 University Blvd. KL 162

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