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Office of Public Relations, Marketing & Info Services

Two months prior to event:

Finalize date, time, location with appropriate facilities manager, provide technical requirements and confirm if ancillary services such as catering will be needed. Provide confirmed information with your chair’s approval and relevant budget and communicate to PRMIS. Make requests using links below for news release, calendar items and publications.

Meet with PRMIS staff to determine level of promotion available to you dependent upon your event and budget and secure approval for any promotional plan developed from your chair, vice president or supervisor. Your promotion may include postcards, posters, programs, web presence, news releases, PSAs, TV appearances and/or press conferences, if applicable.

One and one-half months prior to event:

If publications have been requested, finalize and ready for mailing or distribution 3 weeks prior to event. Production and mailing expenses will come from your budget and must be approved in advance by chair, vice president or supervisor

PSAs should be recorded and readied for broadcast three weeks prior to event, if they are included in your plan.

Three weeks before event:

Broadcast PSAs. Review and approve all releases and calendar items prepared as presented to you.

Two weeks prior to event:

Follow appearance schedule and participate in PRMIS-scheduled TV appearances (English/Spanish). Approve any updated news releases or calendar items scheduled. On-campus reminders by email, web will be distributed by PRMIS. Confirm all physical arrangements, tech support, and catering if applicable.

One week prior to event:

Designate on-site contact for event that will be available to talk to media at the event; continue any appearances; continue to follow plan as outlined by PRMIS. On-campus reminders by email, web will be distributed by PRMIS.

Week of Event:

Confirm contact; designate area for media to take photographs or video; have greeters on hand with programs if applicable. Have sign –in book for guests if applicable. On-campus reminders by email, web will be distributed by PRMIS.

Day of Event:

Welcome guests, distribute programs or informative materials as applicable; expedite media coverage. Collect sign-in information from guests/participants, if applicable.

After Event:

Prepare Thank You Cards as appropriate, add sign-in information to your database, evaluate event and determine if changes are needed to better this or future events you plan. Respond to survey from PRMIS on services provided to you.

To request a news release, visit:

To place a calendar item, visit:

To create a publication, such as an invitation, postcard, flyer or post card, please visit:

If you’re considering printing off-campus, please visit:

For all concerns, please write, call 326.2180 or visit offices located in Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library in room 268. Our web site is located at