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Office of Public Relations, Marketing & Info Services

Publications and Advertisement Guidelines

The Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services (PRMIS) has the privilege of ensuring that all official University messages, publications and advertisements project a consistent graphic and visual identity that endorses and affirms TAMIU’s mission, goals and purposes.

All University print, electronic publications and advertising are produced or approved by PRMIS. All publicity for initiatives/events should be disseminated by PRMIS (Faculty Handbook 6.2). We work with all deans, vice presidents and department heads to determine design, approve content and provide distribution advice for all official University messages, publications and advertisements. Recruitment and development publications are accorded scheduling priority at all times.

In order to provide public relations counsel that maximizes your message, publication or advertisement, we’d like to meet with you well in advance of your need to produce a strategic, targeted plan.

We’ll be happy to provide writing, editing, proofing, limited photography, scripting, design, spec creation and print production management at NO COST to you. Our goal remains to help all colleges or departments create the best messages, publications or advertisements possible to meet your internal or external needs.

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