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Extreme Planets

For centuries, humanity has wondered whether we are alone in the Universe. Now, we are finally one step closer to knowing the answer. With the discovery in 1995 of the first planet orbiting another star, we now know that planets are not unique to our own Solar System. In fact, these "extrasolar" planets now appear to be quite common.

During this presentation we'll explore what makes a planet "Earth-like" in the first place, and take an immersive fulldome tour of several worlds that just might fit the conditions we're looking for. From water worlds to molten landscapes, inhabitable moons to planets with multiple suns, these exotic worlds aren't just science fiction anymore!



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little star


The Little Star that Could

In this delightful fantasy, a “Little Star” wants to discover who he is; he travels around the universe, questing for a name and a family of planets to call his own. Along the way he meets many different stars, and learns what makes them all different where stars live and how they are born and die. He ultimately discovers his nine planets, and learns about them (including his most special planet, Earth).  The program is a fun and entertaining experience for all audiences, particularly families.



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