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Drop-in tutoring:

  • The ULC tutors provide one-on-one tutoring services to assist in improving course knowledge of students seeking assistance.

Group tutoring:

  • The ULC tutors provide group tutoring services in classroom and at the ULC to assist students with course content.

Supervised Group Study:

  • The ULC tutors supervise group study sessions to help improve student knowledge in course by breaking down difficult content and imparting effective study techniques.

TRiO/SSS Student Tutoring:

  • The ULC staff works closely with TRiO/SSS staff to insure academic success of TRiO/SSS students.

Computer Resources:

  • The ULC provides computer services for students accessing on-line course assignments.  You may also print any class notes or assignments on


  • Provide academic workshops as needed or requested by students, faculty, administration and the community. (summer sessions only)

Supplemental Instruction:

  • The ULC tutors provide supplemental instruction as requested, scheduled and required by faculty and administrative staff.

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