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Essay Writing and Processes
Essay Writing and Processes
Whether you’re writing an argumentative essay or a literature review--individually or in groups--the writing process can be challenging. These materials will provide information on how to navigate through the writing process, how to work in groups, and how to begin certain types of writing assignments. Additionally, materials on how strengthen writing will help any student produce successful work.


Essay Writing and Writing as a Group
Prezi - The Writing Process         Prezi - Writing as a Group



Research Process and Logical Fallacies
Prezi - The Research Process         Prezi - Logical Fallacies



Scholarly Sources and Cutting Clutter
Adobe Presenter - Scholary Sources        



Conducting Interviews and Writing Center Orientation
Adobe Presenter - How to Conduct an Interview         Writing Center Orientation



Essay Genres
Essay Genres
The following materials will provide guidance to help students not only compose essays featured in the First Year Writing Program but also give others ideas on how to approach a subject.


Rhetorical Analysis and Tenets of an Argument
Prezi - The Rhetorical Analysis         Prezi - Tenets of an Argument



Analyzing Literature and The Review Essay
Analyzing Literature         Prezi - The Review Essay


Format and Documentation
Format & Documentation
Keeping the differences between MLA, APA, Chicago, or any other documentation style can be difficult. Let our format and documentation guides help you while you write. Information on how to prevent plagiarism is located in this section, as well


APA and MLA Formats
 APA Format        



Preventing Plagiarism
Prezi - Preventing Plagiarism         Coming Soon!
Summarizing and Paraphrasing