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Honor Council

Honor Council Cohort 2016-2017       2017-2018 Honor Council Members

Dr. Lola Norris, Chair
Samantha Melero, Vice Chair

Alejandra Eligio

Alejandra Eligio

Andrea Fuentes
Andrea Fuentes
Brenda Gonzalez
Brenda Gonzalez
Jesse Gonzalez
Jesse Gonzalez
Martha Lerma
Martha Lerma
Karis Martinez
Karis Martinez

Itzel Mercado

Itzel Mercado

Xochilt Moya
Melissa Nieto
Jesus Padilla
Ernest Rangel
Sarah Ruenes
Sarah Ruenes
Klarissa Saldivar
Valeria Valdez
Martha Vasquez
Martha Vasquez
Cesar Villarreal
Cesar Villarreal
Dr. Alfred Addo-Mensha
Dr. Geroge Clarke
Ms. Vivian Garcia
Dr. San Juanita Hachar
Dr. Kate Houston
Dr. Hayley Kazen
Dr. Ursula Klein
Dr. Ananda Mukherji


The Honor Council serves to provide faculty and students with a means by which they may report academic dishonesty, to provide students with a means of appealing charges of academic dishonesty, and to provide the Provost with recommendations regarding general academic sanctions or remedial efforts.

The Honor Council shall have the authority to create processes and operating procedures to implement the Honor System and to enforce the rules described in the Honor Code. Through the Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement, the Council shall serve as an initial hearing body for cases involving academic integrity outside the scope of a course offered at TAMIU, and as an appellate body for students charged with violating the Honor Code during a course offered at TAMIU. The Honor Council will also be the central body responsible for maintaining records and for coordinating communication, prevention, training, remediation, and adjudication efforts for the Honor System.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the TAMIU Honor Council to serve as a centralized system established to respond fairly to academic violations of the TAMIU Honor Code.

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Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Actively attend all training sessions and meetings
  • Participate in the development and implementation of Honor Council programs for students
  • Become knowledgeable about all aspects of the Honor Code and Student Code of Conduct policies and procedures
  • Place membership on the Honor Council as a top priority behind academics
  • Act as an effective, active, cooperative, respectful and ethical group member and maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Must serve as an educator of the Honor Code and Student Code of Conduct
  • Abide by all University member conduct policies and local, state, and federal laws


Honor Council Guidelines and Objectives


Related to Institutional Goals/Principles

Imperative 1: Students 1.2 Increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.

1.3 Prepare students for successful leadership roles.

1.4 Engage students in activities that enrich their lives.

 1.5 Provide programs and services that support established student outcomes.

Undergraduate Learning Principle 1: Respective and Expressive Communication Skills

Undergraduate Learning Principle 3: Integration and Application of Knowledge

TAMIU Trailblazers: Civic Leadership (Engagement Stage)

Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement

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