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The Office of Student Conduct & Community Engagement (SCCE) helps coordinate community and volunteer projects to assist the Laredo area and South Texas region.  The purpose is to promote community engagement as a fundamental part of learning and to cultivate a University commitment to help those in need.

SCCE also encourages TAMIU students to participate in volunteer efforts to acquire leadership skills, critical-thinking skills and social responsibility that will facilitate and promote their academic and professional success.


Volunteer Code of Conduct

why volunteer


  • Improve lives - make a difference by helping those in need
  • Give back to your community
  • Connect to others - network, make new friends and strengthen existing relationships
  • Learn to build skills and gain experience that will enhance your resume, while understanding your community needs
  • Explore and boost career options - find out about your passions
  • Fulfill service-learning requirements for class or service hour requirements for scholarship programs
  • Have fun


Why Volunteer

Every Dustdevil is strongly encouraged to donate their time and talent to deserving organizations across the South Texas region and beyond. The SCCE maintains an ongoing effort to serve by encouraging all students to be part of the community engagement experience.

Since 2009, students have volunteered over 89,922 hours of their time to serve local, nationwide, and global initiatives.  This record-breaking number was made possible by the leadership, initiative, commitment and dedication that TAMIU students demonstrate to the community.

To maintain recognition as an official student organization at TAMIU, student organizations are required to complete one hundred (100) hours of community service each year. To learn more, please visit The Leader.


Volunteering op

Volunteer opportunities are as diverse and abundant as the people in our community.  To choose a volunteer position which is right for you, find something that fits your interests; work with an organization that supports your beliefs and sparks your passions.  Also, you can choose to serve for a cause related to the mission of your student organization.

Get started! Click here to access a database of agencies/organizations in the Laredo community.

Keep informed! We’ll make sure to e-mail you information on upcoming volunteer opportunities which interest you if you fill out this quick Service Interest Form.

Reporting service hoursCommunity Service

TAMIU encourages all students to maintain current records of their participation in volunteer service by reporting all service hours to SCCE via Trailblazers (  Whether your participation is an independent effort, student organization involvement, or a Scholarship/Honors program requirement, we can assist you in tracking all volunteer service you complete as a college student.

Report your hours:







3,500 (APROX)









TAMIU and the Office of Student Conduct & Community Engagement recognize efforts of community engagement in various ways.

University Life Awards

During the Spring semester, TAMIU recognizes the student organization with the most community service hours during the school year at the University Life Awards and awards a commemorative plaque that showcases their accomplishment.

Community Engagement Partner

Aligning with Outstanding Service Leader, SCCE recognizes an external agency/organization between the months of August through May for their outstanding partnerships with students and student organizations at TAMIU.  Nominations for Community Engagement Partner may be received by TAMIU faculty, staff and students.  To submit a nomination for Community Engagement Partner, Please complete the Partneership TAMIU Nomination Form.

Service traditions

Service Tradition

TAMIU currently hosts two large-scale service events each academic year to assist and support our local community.

Our students are excited ready to partner with an organization to identify and address issues of public concern and promote social responsibility.

Make a Difference Day

  • The largest community service day nationwide.
  • Occurs every Fall semester on the last Saturday of October.
  • Over 220 TAMIU students volunteered during Make a Difference Day 2014.
  • Make a Difference Day 2015: Saturday, October  24!

The Big Event

  • A service day tradition started by Texas A&M University in 1982 now celebrated by universities nationwide.
  • Occurs every Spring semester during March.
  • Over 236 TAMIU students volunteered during The Big Event 2015.
  • The Big Event 2017: Saturday, March 25!



If you are a non-profit agency/organization in the Laredo area and would like to host either of these large-scale service events, submit your application by clicking here!




  1. To prepare students to engage in meaningful service;
  2. To inform students about service opportunities as it applies to their specific interest or career goal;
  3. To monitor students' commitment to service and report results to Univeristy community.

Student co-curricular learning outcomes

  1. Appreciate people from diverse background;
  2. Exhibit a commitment to social and civic responsibility;
  3. Demonstrate a commitment to be an involved citizen in his/her community.

Community impact outcomes

  1. Help the community partner's meet the agency's mission;
  2. Promote the exchange of resources between the University and community agency;
  3. Situate the University as a positive and just citizen in the community.