What is the Early Alert Program?

Early Alert is a proactive, student-centered system of communication between faculty, staff, academic advisors, and students at Texas A&M International University. The purpose of the Early Alert Program is to identify, reach out, and provide support to students who are at risk of failing a course due to academic difficulties or personal hardships.

When should a Student be referred?

  • High rate of absenteeism
  • Habitual tardiness
  • Failure to turn in assignments on time or at all
  • Missed tests
  • Low quiz/test performance
  • Class disruption


The Early Alert Program is developed for faculty, staff, and academic advisors to work together as a team in an involved, proactive and supportive manner to increase student retention and success. Early Alert works to enhance the academic experience of faculty and students. It is designed to be used when additional resources are needed after faculty intervention. It is not intended to replace the necessity of faculty/student engagement. The academic interventions are to provide support and assistance to students and are not disciplinary in nature.


Our goal is to identify and effectively intervene with students who are exhibiting at risk behaviors and to establish a referral process, thus increasing retention and reducing the number of students in academic probation and/or suspension.



Our objectives are to improve communication between students, faculty, and academic advisors; to encourage our students to use available student support services; most importantly, to improve student academic success.

Where do I submit my Early Alerts?

 Submit your Early Alert through the following link: www.tamiu.edu/reportit/