Advising and Mentoring Center Mission


The Advising and Mentoring Center (AMC) works with the Freshman, Sophomore, Student-Athlete, and Incoming Transfer Student populations to ensure a smooth transition and adjustment throughout their academic programs. Our focus is to provide students with individualized academic support and tools for success through various advising and mentoring endeavors. AMC provides the following services to students: Personalized Academic Advising; Freshman and Sophomore One-on-One Mentoring to ensure that each student’s needs are being met throughout the semester regardless of the area of need; Referral to On-Campus Resources; Registration Assistance; Retention Monitoring for Freshman and Sophomore Students; Early Alert Referral Program; Advising for the Bachelors of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies; Academic Improvement Plans for At-Risk Students; and outreach events, such as facilitating On-Campus Events.
Our office is located in the Zaffirini Student Success Center, room 222.