TAMIU students wanting to skip College Algebra (MATH 1314) and register directly into Pre-Calculus (MATH 2412) in their first semester must take the Pre-Calculus Mathematics Placement exam. This opportunity is designed for certain majors such as Mathematics, Biology, Science, and Engineering that require higher-level mathematics preparedness in order to fulfill requirements of the program of study.

You must first be TSI Exempt or TSI Complete in Mathematics in order to take the Pre-Calculus Mathematics Placement exam. If you pass the Pre-Calculus Mathematics Placement exam, you will be able to enroll in Pre-Calculus (MATH 2412).

Eligibility for the PRE-CALCULUS Mathematics Placement Exam

TAMIU students wishing to enroll in Pre-Calculus (MATH 2412) and who have met at least one of the score criteria on the following national tests (see the list below) must take and pass the Pre-Calculus Mathematics Placement exam prior to registering for Pre-Calculus (MATH 2412). Students who have scored at or above the test scores listed below are TSI exempt. Also visit the Office of Admissions for other possible TSI exemptions. For further information, contact the University College located at the Zaffirini Success Center (ZSC) room 223.

  1. Students who receive a score of 350 or higher on the mathematics section of the TSI Assessment exam.
  2. Students with an exit-level TAKS mathematics score of 2200 or higher.
  3. Students with a combined SAT score of at least 1070 (Critical Reading and Mathematics only) and at least 500 on the mathematics. Students can claim partial exemption if composite score is met.
  4. Students with a composite ACT score of 23 and a minimum of 19 on the mathematics section. Students can claim partial exemption if composite score is met.
  5. Students with a score of 530 or higher on the mathematics section of the Redesigned SAT.
  6. Students with STAAR EOC scores of Algebra 2 (Level 2).

This placement exam is only for Pre-Calculus (MATH 2412). Placement in Calculus-I (MATH 2413) and Calculus-II (MATH 2414) will solely be granted by using the higher scores on SAT, ACT, or AP exams. In fact, adequate success in AP exams will award credits towards MATH 2413 and MATH 2414 appropriately.

What to know about the pre-calculus Mathematics Placement Exam

  • Students should take the exam prior to attending Freshman Orientation if Pre-Calculus course placement is needed and cannot be obtained by dual credit or AP credits.
  • There will be a fee of $20, which will be charged to the student’s TAMIU account.
  • No outside calculators are allowed. The University’s Testing Center will allow the four-function calculator during the exam.
  • Bring a valid (non-expired), physical, photo ID such as a driver’s license, student ID, or passport.
  • The test may be taken twice. However, it is a different version each time.
  • For parking, please check with the University Police Department.
  • Fees are subject to change without notice.

We strongly recommend that all examinees take the sample Pre-Calculus Mathematics Placement exam below prior to registering for the actual exam and to be familiar with the Mathematics Glossary provided below.

Study Suggestions

The included Sample Pre-Calculus Mathematics Placement Exam will give students a good idea of how they will perform on the actual placement exam. Students should use only a four-function calculator and limit their time to 120 minutes for an accurate assessment. No formula sheet is provided. Check the Sample Exam Answers. The topics listed below along with the suggested readings and the Mathematics Glossary provide a great study guide for the Pre-Calculus Mathematics Placement exam.

List of Skills and Knowledge Assessed on the Pre-Calculus Mathematics Placement Exam

  • Simplify and factor polynomial, rational, radical, logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric expressions
  • Solve linear, quadratic, and absolute value equations and inequalities
  • Find real or non-real solutions of quadratic, rational and radical equations
  • Solve system of two linear equations in two variables
  • Evaluate functions and use function notations
  • Find slope of line given equation of line
  • Graph absolute value, quadratic, and trigonometric equations/functions
  • Solve equations for indicated variable
  • Solve problem given graph of quadratic function
  • Find equation of line given information about the line
  • Determine composition of two functions
  • Answer questions about roots of polynomial equations
  • Find domain of function (including trigonometric functions)
  • Solve logarithmic and exponential equations
  • Evaluate trigonometric functions
  • Use trigonometric functions to solve problems involving right triangles
  • Use trigonometric identities to re-write trigonometric expressions
  • Evaluate expressions involving inverse trigonometric functions
  • Convert angle measurements between radians and degrees
  • Solve equations involving the unit circle

Suggested Textbooks on Exam Topics

Algebra and Trigonometry, Publish Date: Feb 13, 2015 Digital: ISBN-10: 1-947172-10-7 & ISBN-13: 978-1-947172-10-4 License: Algebra and Trigonometry by OpenStax is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License v4.0

College Algebra, Publish Date: Feb 13, 2015 Digital: ISBN-10: 1-947172-12-3 & ISBN-13: 978-1-947172-12-8 License: College Algebra by OpenStax is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License v4.0


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