Compliance at Texas A&M International University is the responsibility of all employees and is conducted by a number of different departments with oversight and coordination of the University’s Compliance Program residing with the Compliance Officer.  The mission of the TAMIU Compliance Office is to reinforce and support a culture of compliance which builds compliance consciousness into the daily activities and operations throughout each department.  Texas A&M International University expects employees to conduct campus business with the highest standards of honesty and integrity and in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.


mission statement

The Office of Compliance--through leadership, education, and guidance to the University community--strengthens accountability, promotes a culture of ethical conduct, and encourages a commitment to compliance with applicable laws, Texas A&M University System policies and regulations, and University rules and procedures. This office has direct responsibility for the University's Compliance Program, the EthicsPoint hotline, rules and procedures, records retention, open records requests, the athletic compliance program, and the civil rights compliance program which includes compliance with Title IX.


TAMIU Compliance Program

The TAMIU Compliance Program is monitored by the University’s Compliance Committee which is comprised of key leaders from a cross-section of campus.  The committee is appointed by the President with advice from the Compliance Officer.  The Compliance Committee assists in the performance of specific tasks in the compliance program such as ensuring awareness of regulations, monitoring compliance, identifying compliance risk areas, and ensuring appropriate action for non-compliance issues brought to its attention.  The compliance sub-committees ensure accountability within identified risk areas and recommend compliance goals and metrics for identified risk areas.