It is the responsibility of the Graduate Council to review all proposals for graduate degree programs and courses and, at its option, existing programs and to review the criteria for membership on the Graduate Faculty. Furthermore, the council is to establish admission standards, the standards for continuation of graduate studies, and the residency requirements. Finally, the council is to consider any other matters relevant to the Graduate School.


Guidelines & Forms                                                                                         

Rules for Graduate Council                                                         
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Dr. Jennifer Coronado - Graduate School Dean, Chair

Dr. Abhijit Patwardhan - ARSSB

Dr. Haibo Wang - ARSSB

Dr. Robert W. Haynes  - COAS

Dr. Diana Linn - COED

Dr. Martha Salinas - CONHS 

Dr. Heidi T. Landry - CONHS

Dr. Manuel Broncano - At-Large

Dr. Bernice Sanchez - At-Large

Dr. Sharmin Hasan - At-Large

Dr. Jeffrey M. Brown - At-Large

Triana Gonzalez Valdez - Ex-Officio

Dr. Runchang Lin - Ex-Officio

Benjamin S. Rawlins - Ex-Officio

Exiquio Garcia - Student Representative

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