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Poster Guidelines &
Judges Review Criteria


Poster Guidelines:

  • Only one poster per presenter can be accommodated.
  • Posters should not exceed 3 feet x 4 feet.
  • Lightweight materials should be used.
  • Place the Title, Author(s), Department, University, and Mentor’s Name at the top center of the posters.  If there is more than one author, identify the presenter(s) with an asterisk.
  • The title should be in letters at least ½” high.  Materials will have to be read by attendees from a distance of 3 feet or more, so lettering on illustrations should be large and legible.
  • Material should be displayed in logical sequence (introduction, development, and conclusion).  If there are multiple pages on the poster, each should be numbered. 
  • All illustrations, charts, etc., to be posted should be prepared in advanced as materials for these purposes will not be available at the meeting site.
  • It doesn’t need to be “arty”, but the effectiveness of a poster presentation will be enhanced by using techniques such as mounting the sheets on colored construction paper, etc., to improve the graphic impact. Please note, however, that simplicity, ease of reading, etc., are more important than artistic flair. 
  • Presenters are responsible for mounting their own poster at least one hour prior to the opening of the session & for removing it within one-half hour after the session closes (push pins will be available). 
  • Presenters are requested to mount their posters on Friday and leave them up until Saturday at 11:00 am 
  • Presenters may bring extra copies of their data and conclusions.  No duplication facilities will be available.
  • Presenters may also wish to provide sign-up sheets for attendees who may want additional information, reprints, etc.
  • Presenters must remain by their poster during the judging period. 

Judges’ Review Criteria:

  • Printed Abstract: Is the abstract concise and accurate?  Does it reasonably resemble the work presented?
  • Overall Work & Approach: Was the study/project based on original work by the presenter and was the overall approach appropriate for the problem?  Was the approach novel or new?
  • Results & Discussion: Were the results explained and were the original questions/goal answered with the results?
  • Presentation & Quality: Was the presentation supported with simple, clear, and appropriate graphics? Was text used appropriately?
  • Presenter: Was the presenter knowledgeable, clear, articulate and organized?
  • Knowledge of Topic: Did the presenter lend confidence in the work with his/her presentation? Did the presenter answer questions appropriately and demonstrate a good overall knowledge of the topic?

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