Black Holes

This immersive digital dome production is narrated by John de Lancie, also known as "Q" of the Star Trek series. The program incorporates several of the latest theories regarding black holes. Designed for general audiences, this full-length production features scientifically accurate 3-D simulations of black holes and the strange relativistic effects they can create.  How are super massive black holes made? Where did the idea of a black hole come from? What was Einstein's connection to them? How do we detect them? How have they been portrayed in the media? What would happen if you were to approach one? Will the Earth ever get sucked into a black hole? Are there really such things as "worm holes"?

Few mysteries in the universe have the power and awe of the black hole. Only now are we on the verge of understanding their true nature. This new immersive digital theater program incorporates some of the most intense three-dimensional visual effects ever created on the subject.

Run Time: 37 minutes

Genre: Documentary


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