Rec Center FAQ's

Q: Are University Affiliates, Alumni, or General Community eligible to enroll for payroll deduction?

A: No, all participants must be employed by Texas A&M International University.


Q: Is there a deadline to enroll for payroll deduction?

A: Faculty and staff are eligible to enroll anytime during the year.


Q: How soon can I use the Recreational Sports facilities after I sign up with the payroll deduction program? 

A: Immediately upon submitting your registration packet to the Rec. Sports Department.


Q: Are students eligible for the payroll deduction plan?

A: No, students Recreational Sports fee are included in their tuition payment.


Q: Can I have my account deducted for my spouse?

A: Yes, your account can be deducted for your spouse.  Please indicate on the payroll deduction form under Spouse Membership Options.


Q: What if I no longer want to participate in the payroll deduction program?

A: You must visit the Rec. Sports Information Desk to complete the payroll deduction cancellation forms.  You will not receive a refund for the current month. 


Q: Can the purchase of my locker and/or Personal Training be included in the Payroll Deduction program?

A: No. These are separate fees not included in a regular Rec Sports membership.


Q: Who is eligible to participate in Group Aerobic Classes?

A:  Anyone with a valid Rec Sports membership.


Q:  If I am an enrolled student and a university employee, do I have to purchase a membership?

A:  No.  Recreational Sports fees are included in the tuition payment.


Q: When does the Rec Sports membership expire for a 9-month Faculty member that has enrolled in the payroll deduction program?

A:  Membership will expire on May 31st; if they wish to continue their membership, summer memberships are available, but not eligible for payroll deduction.


Q: Is payroll deduction available to part-time University employees? 

A:  No.  Payroll deduction is only available to full-time benefits eligible employees. 


Q: What are the benefits of obtaining a Rec Sports Membership?

A: Access to the Recreation Center Facility, Group Fitness Classes, personal training, nutrition program, state of the art cardio machines, a well-designed Weight Room, two basketball courts and a staff that is passionate, energetic and committed to creating a positive Rec Sports experience.


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