Administrative And Educational Support Units Assessment (AES)


The purpose of AES assessment process is to ensure that offices progress in their mission to promote the success of the whole student at TAMIU. These units provide direct support to faculty and students related to their educational programs, indirect support for student learning, or a specific co-curricular mission supporting the college experience. It would be common to find that some of these units have expected student outcomes similar to those of educational programs. In addition, expected outcomes might not be related to directly measurable student learning outcomes but instead to administrative goals for the unit. It is sometimes challenging to separate the assessment of outcomes of administrative goals from the assessment of outcomes related to academic and student support services. It is expected that all services engage in institutional effectiveness processes.


Academic and educational support units are defined as those units which provide services designed to support student and faculty success, specifically related to educational programs, student learning, and/or the overall college experience. Division and unit leadership work with the Office of Institutional Assessment, Research, and Planning (OIARP) to determine the best strategies for assessing each unit in their respective division, depending on the organizational structure and identified mission and priorities. Those identified offices are responsible for following our Annual Assessment of Administrative and Educational Support workflow through AEFIS.

Assessment Cycles:

In AY 2022-2023, we implemented our new cycle process. Our cycles follow a year-and-a-half timeline. We plan the semester before the academic year starts using the previous academic year's results to guide the planning for the upcoming cycle collection of data. This decision was made to give the departments and divisions the necessary time to use results for continuous improvement. The first full cycle to utilize this method is AY 2023-2024, although it was implemented in the calendar year of Fall 2022. Thus, two cycles will occur at the same time in a semester. Fall will close out the previous AY while still collecting for the current AY. Spring will be planning for the upcoming AY while still collecting for the current AY.


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