Health Sciences

Pre-Med./Dent. as with other health sciences programs is not a specific degree, but rather a pathway that includes curriculum designed to best prepare students for their admissions exams (MCAT, PCAT, DAT etc). The curriculum focuses on biology, chemistry, physics and other related areas of science. Many TAMIU students interested in careers in the Health Sciences often pursue a degree in either Biology or Chemistry as they generally include the coursework that will prepare the student for the admissions exams as well as fulfill the prerequisites for Dental School, Medical School, Pharmacy School, Physician Assistant School, Physical/Occupational Therapy, or Allied Health Programs. 

In addition to traditional coursework there are several cooperative programs offered in Texas to which our students may apply.  These programs offer opportunities for our students explore further their chosen career path and will assist them in being better prepared for their advanced studies.  In some instances, these programs provide the opportunity for assured acceptance to allied health, dental, medical, or pharmacy school.

TAMIU Pre-Health Brochure