Calendar & Adress Book
  Calcurse: Calendar (Linux)
  Calendar: (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Calizo (Linux, Win)
  Day Planner (Linux)
  Pagico: Planner (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Photo Calendar (Linux)
Collection: Hobby
  6 Collection Managers (Linux, Mac, Win)
Collection: Open/Free Software
  Best Free & Open Source: LinuxLinks (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Bleedingedge: Install Majors Apps (Linux)
  Completely Free (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Fink Project: Excellent Selection (Mac)
  Flo's Freeware (Win)
  Freecountry Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  FreeDownloadCenter (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Free Downloads for Mac (Mac)
  Free Software (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Freshmeat Projects (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Gnome Projects (Linux, Mac, Win)
  GNU-Software (Linux, Mac, Win)
  KDE-Apps (Linux)
  Launchpad: Gnome Apps (Linux)
  Linux App Finder (Linux) 
  Linux Software (Linux)
  Mac Open Source (Mac)
  Mac OS X Public Archive (Mac)
  Mac OSX SourceForge (Mac)
  Media Portal: Media Center
  Mono-Project (Linux, Mac, Win)
  NONAGS: Freeware (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Osalt: Software Directory (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Other Utilities (Linux, Win)
  Qt-Apps.org (Linux)
  Softpedia (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Sound & MIDI Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  SourceForge Projects (Linux, Mac, Win)
  The FreeSite (Linux, Mac, Win)
Enterprise:  eCommerce, Business
  Alfresco: Content Management (Linux)
  BIRT: Reporting Tolls (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Chievo: Project Management (Linux, Win)
  eHour: Time Management (Linux, Win)
  GanttProject: Scheduling, Management (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Intalio: BPMS (Linux)
  Jbilling: Billing Software (Linux, Win)
  Joomla: Management (Linux, Win)
  Journyx Timesheet (Linux)
  LedgerSMB: Small Business (Linux)
  Liferay: Portal Framework (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Mediawiki: Wiki Package (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Midgard Management (Linux, Mac)
  Mirth: Health Care (Linux, Mac, Win)
  MuleSource Management (Linux)
  OpenCMS: Managment (win)
  OpenUse: Management (Linux, Win)
  OpenExchance Server (Linux)
  OpenFMG: ERP (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Open Proj: Project Management (Linux, Win)
  Plone: Management (Linux, Mac, Win)
  PostNuke: Management (Linux, Win)
  QRM: Management Platform(Linux, Mac, Win)
  Simple-Groupware & CMS (Linux)
  SQL-Ledger (Linux)
  STP BPMN Modeler Viewe (Linux, Win)
  Tickets: Computer Aided Dispatch (Linux, Win)
  Typo3: Managment (Linux, Win)
  vtiger: CRM in the Cloud (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Wyona: Management (Linux, Win)
  Zen Cart: Business, Commerce (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Zope: Management (Linux, Win)
Finances: Acconting, Personal Budget
  BambooInvoice: Invovicing (Linux, Mac, Win) 
  Buddi: Personal (Linux, Mac, Win)
  GNU Accounting (Linux, Win)
  Gnucash: Personal (Linux, Mac, Win) 
  Grisbi: Personal (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Money Manager Ex Personal (Linux, Win)
  Open Workbench Management (Win)
  Skrooge Personal Finiance (Linux)
  SQL-Edger Accounting/ERP (Linux, Mac, Win)
Food & Drinks
  Kegbot: Monitor Beer Kegs (Linux)
  Qbrew: Brew Recipe (Linux, Mac, Win)
Medical & Health
  Epiinfo: Statistical APP (Linux, Mac, Win)
  FreeMed (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Medfloss:  Various Medical Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OEMR: Medical Practice (Linux, Win)
  OpenEHR (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OpenMRS (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OpenClinica: Medical (Linux, Win)
  Worldvista: Health Information System (Linux, Win)
Portable Applications
  AbiWord: Word Processing (Win)
  Apache OpenOffice: Word Processing (Win)
  Firefox Browser (Win)
  Gimp: Graphics (Win)
  Libreoffice: Word Processing (Win)
  Portable Apps (Win)
  Thunderbird: Email (Win) 
  7-Zip Compression (Win)
  BibleTime (Linux)
  CrossWire Bible (Linux, Mac, Win)
  GnomeSword (Linux) 
  Sword (Linux, Mac, Win)
System Booting & Partitioning
  Bootchart: Tool for Performance (Linux)
  BootPart: Boot Partition (Win)
  Clonezilla: Clone/backup/imaging (Linux)
  DiskInternal: Access Windows (Linux)
  Explore2FS: Access EXT2-3 Files (Linux, Win)
  Ext2: Installable File System (Win)
  Ext2Fsd: Ext2/Ext3 File System Driver (Win)
  FOG: Clonning Solution (Linux, Win)
  Installable File System: Linux EXT2 Access (Win)
  Ghost: partitioning Imaging (Linux)
  Gparted: Partition Editor (Linux)
  Grup-Customizer: Booting Order (Linux)
  Lubi,  LVPM, Unetbootin, Bubakup:  Installers  (Linux, Win)
  MultiCD: Multi-CD Boot (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Partimage: Partioning! (Linux)
  Partitioning & Utilities (Linux)
  Partitioning & Management (Win)
  PhotoRec: File Data Recovery (Linux, Mac, Win)
  rEFIT; Linux on Mac (Mac)
  rfsd: Access RiserFs (Win)
  Smartmontools: Control Storage (Linux, Mac)
  SuperGrub: Partitionin(Linux, Win)
  UNetbootin: Create Bootable Live USB (Linux, Mac, Win) 
System Recovery
  Autopsy (Linux)
  BartPE Rescue Disk & Portable (Linux, Win)
  Bootchart: Tool for Performance (Linux)
  Collection of Rescue CDs (Linux)
  Clonezilla: Clone & Partitioning (Linux, Mac, Win)
  DdRescue (Linux)
  Dd_Rescue (Linux)
  Ddr_Help (Linux)
  Diskdigger (Win)
  Foremost: Data Recovery (Linux)
  GetDataBack for FAT (Win)
  GImagex: Restore Tool (Win)
  G4L: Partition Imaging, Cloning (Linux)
  Helix Rescue (Linux)
  IsoBuster (Linux, Win)
  Likeview (Linux, Win)
  Macrium Reflect (Win)
  Magic SysRq: Recovery (Linux,
  Mondo Rescue: Recovery Solution (Linux)
  Other Rescuers (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Parted Magic: Recover (Linux)
  PhotoRec (Linux, Mac, Win)
  PING: Backup, Restore (Linux, Win)
  Recuva (Linux, Win)
  Scalpel (Linux)
  Sleuth Kit (Linux)
  Smartmontools: Control Storage (Linux, Mac)
  Snapback: Backup Restore (Mac)
  System RescueCD (Linux, Win)
  TestDisk  Rescue (Linux, Mac, Win)
Telemarketing: Annoying Sofware
  Asterisk: Telephone System (Linux)
  1Bizcom: Asterisk Voip Call (Linux)
  Agedu: Manage Disk Usage (Linux)
  Ailurus: Aplication Tweak Installer (Linux)
  Ardesia: Turn Computer into Sketchpad (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Autokey Automation (Linux)
  Autohotkey (Linux)
  Avahi: Service Discovery Network (Linux) 
  Bash Shell (Linux)
  Belarc Advisor: PC Audit (Win)
  Best of the Best: Hive Five (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Bleachbit: Free Spave, Remove, Guards (Linux, Win)
  Boinc: Volunteer and Grid Computing (Linux, Mc, Win)
  Bumblebee: Battery Drain Tool (Linux)
  BusyBox: Utilities (Linux)
  CfEngine: Autonomic Maintenance (Linux)
  Checkinstall: Package Management (Linux)
  Clix Command View (Mac)
  Collabtive: Collaborative Software (Linux)
  Computer-Janitor (Linux)
  Conky: Ligh-weight System Monitor (Linux)
  Convert .deb Package: i386 to lpia (Linux)
  CPU Usage Limiter (Linux)
  Cygwin: Linux  Command Tools (Win)
  Dashquit: Quit Dashboard Widgets (Mac)  
  Deskbar Applet (Linux) 
  Debian to lpia Package Converter (Linux)
  Display Link LGPL Library: USB (Linux)
  Do Gnome Alternatives (Linux)
  DupeCheck: Find Duplicate Files  (Mac)
  DupeGuru: Find Duplicate Files (Mac)
  Duplicate File Searcher (Mac, Win)
  eGroupWare Maintainance (Win)
  Ejecter: Unmount Peripherals (Linux)
  EmptyFolderNuker: Delete Empty Folders (Win)
  Enomaly: Cloud Computing (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Ftimes: Tool Collection (Win)
  FUSE: FileSystem In User Space (Linux)
  gDesklets & Screenlets Widgets (Linux)
  Gbirthday: Birthday Applications (Linux)
  Giggle: Git Content Tracker (Linux)
  Glipper: Gnome Clipboard (Linux)
  Git (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Git: Control Utilities (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Gnome Do (cf. Quicksilver) Quick Search (Linux)
  Gnotime: Time Tracker (Linux)
  Gnome Nanny: Parental Control (Linux)
  GNU Screen (Linux)
  Gnustow: Managing Installation (Linux)
  GnuWin: Gnu Unix Utilities (Win)
  Granola: Power Saving App (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Grep: Loading, Searching (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Growl: Notification System (Mac)
  Gsmart: Hard Drive Inspection Tool(Linux, Mac, Win)
  Hardinfo: System Profiler (Linux)
  HPC4U: Clusters for Grid (Linux)
  iFixit: Various Utils (Linux, Mac, Win)
Utilities (Continued)
  IronAHK Key Automation(Linux)
  Jupiter: Power & Hardware Control (Linux)
  Keryx: Intenetless Linux Updater (Linux)
  Keytouch: Key Short Cuts (Linux)
  Klipper: KDE Clipboard (Linux)
  Kpathsea: Path Searching Lib (Linux)
  KSplice: Rebootless Utility (Linux)
  Kupfer (cf. Gnome Do) (Linux)
  Lesswats: Power Management (Linux)
  Libreplan: Webplanning (Linux)
  Linux Apps Finder (Linux, Mac)
  LTSP: Thin Client (Linux)
  MacFuse: File System Userspace (Linux, Mac)
  Mac4Lin:  Linux to OSX (Linux)
  MacPorts: Utilities (Mac)
  MacUpdate (Mac)
  Mono Project Utils (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OpenCart (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OpenLogic: Search Installed Software (Linux, Win)
  Openproj: Project Management(Linux, Mac, Win)
  PowerTop: Increase Battery Life  (Linux)
  PPA-PurgeDowngrade Ubuntu (Linux)
  Preload: Speed Up System (Linux)
  Puppet: Aautomating System Admin (Linux) 
  Quicksilver (cf. Gnome Do) Data Manipulator (Mac)
  Raccoon APK Downloader (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Rachota: Time-Tracker (Linux,  Mac, Win)
  RunAsdate: Run Program with Specified Date (Win)
  RCDefault Set Default Programs (Mac)
  Referencer: Organize Reference (Linux)  
  Reiser: System Utility (Linux)
  Scratch: Fun Utilities (Linux)
  Screenlets & gDesklets Widgets (Linux)
  Scripts, Programs, One-Lineers (Linux)
  SearchMonkey: Search (Linux)
  Simple Screen Recorder (Linux)
  Socat: Multipurpose Relay (Linux)
  Sportstracker: Monitor (Linux Mac, Win)
  SpringSource: Java Infrastructure (Linux, Mac, Win)
  StartupDelayer: Speed Up startup (Win)
  Svgalib: Sper VGA Graphics Library (Linux)
  Synaptic: Package Management (Linux)
  Synergy: Share Mouse & Keyboard (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Synergy-Plus: Mouse & Keyboard (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Syslog-ng: Logging Tool (Linux)
  Talend: Data Management (Linux, Win)
  TestDriven: .NET related (Win)
  Timetracker (Linux)
  TuxOnIce: Hibernate Functionality (Linux)
  Ubcleaner: Computer Cleaner (Linux)
  Ubuntu-Tweak: Config Ubuntu Utility (Linux)
  Ubuntu-One: Multi-Purpose Software (Linux)
  UNetbootin: Create Bootable USB (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Unison: File Synchronizer (Linux, Mac, Win)
  UnxUtils: Gnu Unix Utilities (Win)
  Urpkg Package Management (Linux)
  Vanity: Delete Empty Folders (Win)
  Winzig: PIM Suite (Linux, Mac, Win)  
  Wubi: Linux Installers for Windows (Win)
  XAMPP: Utility Tools (Linux, Mac, Win)
  XBindKeys: Utils (Linux)
  Xnee: Automator (Linux)
  X.org Window System (Mac)
  Zenoss: System Monitoring (Linux, Mac ,Win)
Utilities: Backup
  Amanda: Network Solutions (Linux)
  Areca: Personal Backup (Linux, Win)
  Back In Time (Linux)
  BackerUpper (cf. Time Machine) Backup  (Linux)
  BackupPC (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Bacula: Network Backup (Linux, Win)
  Boxbackup: Online-Backup (Linux)
  Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac)
  Confinity: Configure Unity (Linux)
  Cronopete: Time Machine Clone (Linux)
  Ddrescue: Data Recovery Tool (Linux)
  Déjá Dup: Backup (Linux, Mac)
  DriveImage: Backup (Win)
  Dump: Backup, Restore (Linux)
  Ezbackitup (Win)
  FBBackup (Win)
  FEBE: Firefox Backup (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Flyback  (cf. Time Machine) (Linux)
  FWBackups: (Linux)
  Hamster: Track Your Time (Linux)
  IBAM: Manager Monitor (Linux)
  Kpowersave: Power Utility Linux)
  LBackup (Mac)
  Lubi, LVPM, Unetbootin, Bubakup,  Installers  (Linux, Win)
  Luckybackup: Reliable Backup & Sync Tool (Linux)  
  Mondorescue: Data Recovery (Linux)
  MrClean: Delete Empty Folders, Duplicates (Mac)
  Multitail: Follow Multiple Files (Linux)
  Mylvmbackup: Backup (Linux)
  Paragon: Backup (Win)
  Partimage: Backup (Linux)
  PING: Backup, Restore (Linux, Win)
  Photorec: Photo Recovery (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Pybackpack: Backup Manager (Linux)
  RDiff Backup (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Redo Backup (Linux)
  RSIBreak: Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (Linux)
  Rsnapshot: Snapshot Utility (Linux, Win)
  RsyncSnapshot: Backup  (Linux)
  SBackup: Backup (Linux)
  Safecopy: Data Recovery (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Simple Backup (Llinux)
  SimpleLinux: Backup (Linux)
  Snap Backup (Linux, Mac, Win)
  SystemRescueCD (Linux)
  Testdisk: Data Recovery (Linux, Mac, Win)
  TestDisk & Photo Rec: Data Recover (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Thoggen: DVD Backup Utility (Linux)
  Truecrypt Software (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Zmanda Backup (Linux)
  13 Backup Solutions (Linux, Mac, Win)
Utilities: Kernel Compilation
  KernelCheck: Compiles, Checks Kernel (Linux)
  Ksplice: Kernel Rebooting, Updates (Linux)
Utilities: Personal Collection Organizer
  GCstar: Organizer (Linux, Mac, Win)
  MyTinyTodo: Personal Organizer (Linux, Mac, Win)
Utilities: Printing Drivers
  Openprinting Drivers (Linux, Mac)
  PrintFab Drivers (Mac)
  TurboPrint Drivers (Linux)  
Utilities: Screen-File Managers
  Afterstep: Window Manager (Linux)
  Automatix: Graphical Manager (Linxu)
  Avant Window Navigator (cf. Dock) (Linux)
  Bluetile: Window Manager (Linux)
  Cairo-Dock: Animated Dock (Linux)
  Catfish: Search Tool (Win)
  Crunchbang Window Manager (Linux)
  Desktop Switcher: REMIX (Linux)
  Devil's Pie: Window-Matching (Linux)
  DFM: File Manager (Linux)
  Docky: Launch Pad (Linux)
  DWM: Window Manager (Linux)
  emelFM: File Manager (Linux)
  Enlightment Window Manager (Linux)
  EveryDesk: LinuxDesktop (Linux)
  Evtouch: Screen-touch (Linux)
  EXT2 File System (Win)
  FDclone: File Manager (Linux)
  FileRunner (Linux)
  FluxBox: Window Manager (Linux)
  Global Menu (Linux)
  Gnome-Do: Animated Dock (Linux)
  GNU Screen: Screen Manager (Linux)
  Grenshot: Screen Capture (Linux, Win)
  Hulu Desktop: Free Movies, Music (Linux)
  i3: Window Manager (Linux)
  Konqueror: KDE Manager (Linux)
  Krusader For KDE (Linux)
  Ksnapshot: Screenshot Capture (Linux)
  Kupfer: Speed Everything Utility (Linux)
  KXDocker: OS X Docker (Linux)
  Lancelot: KDE-Menu, Launcher (Linux)
  Midnight Comand: File Manager (Linux)
  MultiTail: Create Multi Windows (Linux)
  Nautilus File Manager For Gnome (Linux)
  OpenBox: Window Manager (Linux)
  PCMFM: File Manager (Linux)
  Quicksilver: Launcher Graphical Shell (Linux, Mac)
  Ratpoison: Window Manager (Linux)
  Record Desktop Tools (Linux)
  Recordmydesktop (Linux)
  RestoreGnome: Original Setup (Linux)
  Screen Capture tools (Linux)
  Shutter: Screenshot Utility (Linux)
  SqlDesktop: File Organizer (Linux, Win)
  UbuntuStart: Lucid Lynx (Linux)
  Terminator: Create Multiple Terminals (Linux)
  Thunar for Xfce (Linux)
  TkDesk: Graphical File Manager (Linux)
  Vifm: Vi-Based File Manager (Linux)
  Window Managers for X (Linux)
  Worker: File Manaer (Linux)
  Xfe: File Manager (Linux)
  Xmonad: X11 (Linux)
  Xvidcap: Record My Desktop (Linux)
  Window Maker: Window Manager (Linux)
  Wink: Screen Capture (Linux, Win)
  ZScreen: Screen Capture (Win)
Virtual Machine Emulators
  Amigaforever: Emulator (Linux, Win)
  Amikit: Amiga Emulator (Linux, Win)
  andLinux: Run Linux On PC (Win)
  Android emulator (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Bochs: PC Emulator (Linux, Win)
  Cedega: Transgaming (Linux)
  Cygwin: Linux Emulator (Win)
  Darwine (cf. Winebottler; Wine) Windows  Emulator (Mac)
  DOSBox: Dos Emulator (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Fink: Linux & Unix to Mac (Mac)
  FreeDos (Dos)
  Guake: Terminal Emulator (Linux)
  Hercules Emulator: IBM Main Frame (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Javascript Emulator (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Konsole: Terminal Emulator
  Lguest: HyperVisor X86 (Linux)
  Mac On_Linux: Linux Emulator (Mac)
  Mini_vMac: Mac Emulator (Linux, Win)
  OpenVZ: OS virtualization (Linux)
  Parrot: For Dynamic Languages (Linux, Mac, Win)
  PearPC: Emulator (Linux, Mac, Win)
  PlayonLinux: Windows Emulator (Linux)
  PlayonMac: Windows Emulator (Mac)
  Prototype/Wubi:Run Linux on Win (Win)
  QUEMU: Run Linux or Win on (Mac)
  Snes9x Nintendo Emulator (Linux, Mac, Win)
  VirtualBox: Virtualization (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Virtual Network: Remote (Linux, Win)
  Virtualwin: Virtual Windows Desktop (Win)
  VMware Server (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Wine: Windows Emulator (Linux, Mac)
  Winebottler, Darwine: (cf. Wine) Windows Emulator (Mac)
  WineTools: Windows Emulator (Linux)
  Wubi/Prototype Run Linux on Win (Win)  
  Xen Virtual Server (Linux, Win)
  Zsnes: Nintendo Emulator (Linux, Win)