Experimental Materials for Cognitive Scientists!

Cognitive Science:
  ACT-R (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Artificial Intelligence (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Brain-Atlas: Interactive
  Debian Science (Linx)
  FreeSurfer (Linx, Mac, Win)
  FSL: Brain Imaging Data Tools
  Natural Language Processing (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Nengo Neural Simulator (Linx)
  NEST Brain Simulator (linx)
  NeuroFedora Sig (Linx)
  Neural Networks (Win)
  Neuroscience (Linx)
  OpenModeller: (Linx, Win)
  SNAFU: Semantic Network (Mac, Win)
  Spreadr: Spreading Activation Simulation
  Tlearn (Mac, Win)
  3D Slicer: Image Processing (Linx, Mac, Win)
EEG/ERP Bio-Feedback:
  Aghermann: EEG (Linx)
  Brainstorm: MEG/EEG (Linx, Mac, Win)
  EEGLab: EEG/ERP (Linx, Mac, Win)
  ERPLab: EEG/ERP (Linx, Mac, Win)
  OpenEEG: EEG/Biodfeedback (Linx, Mac, Win)
  SigViewer: EEG/ERP (Mac, Win)
EYe Tracking:
  Emot: Mouse Analyzer
  EyeDoctor (Win)
  EyeDry, EyeTrack (Win)
  EyeTribe: Eye-Tracker (Linx, Mac, Win)
  EyeWriter: Free Art and Technology
  GAzeAlyze:Processing Tool for MATLAB
  GazeGenNet: Generate Eye-Tracking Data
  GazeNet: Eye-Movement & Neural Network
  Mousetrap: Mouse-Tracker (Linx, Mac, Win)
  OGAMA: Open Gaze/Mouse Analyzer:
  OpenEyes: Eye Tracking Hardware (Linx, Win)
  Pupil: Mobile Eye Tracking Platform
  PyeTribe: Eyetribe Data Analysis
  ScreenMasker: Gaze-Contingent Tool
  Starburst: Eye Tracking Software (Linx, Win)
Experimental Sofware:
  DMDX Visual (Win, DOS)
  E-Prime, Scripts (Win)
  ExperigenRT: Web-Based Experiments
  Finding-Five: Create, Run Studies
  NBS-OnLinxe (Win)
  Linxger (Linx, Mac, Win)
  LKM: Keyboard High Resolution-Timer (Lin)
  nodeGame: Real-Time Experiments (Web)
  OpenSesame Scripts I, II & Online (Linx, Mac, Win)
  PEBL: Language (Mac, Win)
  PsiTurk: Amazon Mechanical Turk
  Psychtoolbox (Linx, Mac)
  PsychoPY: Demos, Scripts, & Article (Mac, Win)
  PsyGLASS Naturalistic Data Collection
  Psynteract: Interact  Experiments (Linx, Mac, Win)
  PsyScope X, Classic & Scripts (Mac)
  Psytoolkit (Linx)
  PyEPL (Linx, Mac)
  Tatool: Testing Tool (Linx, Mac, Win)
  TScope (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Vision Egg (Mac, Win)
Language, Linguistics:
  AGSuite: Artificial Language (Linx, Mac, Win)
  ClASS: Semantic Similarity
  CLAWS: Part-of-Speech Tagger
  F & MinF' Computational Java Software
  Syllabo+: Corpus Database (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Syntax Diagram (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Language Group (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Linguistic Tree Constractor (Mac, Wi)
  Sentence Scrambler
  WordGEN (Win)*
  Wuggy: Word Generator (Linx, Mac, Win)*
  ARC Nonword Database
  British National Corpus
  BuscadorDePalabras: Español
  CLAWS: Part-of-Speech Tagger
  CLEARPOND: Cross-Linguistic
  CRL Resources
  English Lexicon Project*
  EmoFinder: Emotion in Spanish
  Homonym Norms 
  LexicALL: Psycholinguistic Data-Sets*
  LexTale: Test for English users
  LexTale-Esp: Test in Spanish
  Metaphor Norms
  Google Books Ngram Viewer
  Oxford Text Archive
  Paivio et al. Word List Generator
  Spalex: Spanish Lexical Decision
  Spanish Lexical Database*
  Spanish in Texas Database
  Sentence Completion Norms*
  SUBTLEX: Word Frequencies*
  SUBTLEXus: Word Freq US English*
  U South Florida Association Norms
  WikindX: (Linx, Mac, Win)
  WordNet: English Lexical Database
  WordNet: Electronic Lexical Database 
  Word Frequency: American English
  Word Frequency: Español
Natural Language Processing
  CogComNLP (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Compromise (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Natural (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Natural Language Toolkit (Linx, Mac, Win)
  NLPS.JLS (Linx, Mac, Win)
  OpenNLP (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Pytorch-NLP (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Retext & uCollective (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Spacy (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Standformd CoreNLP (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Textacy (Linx, Mac, Win)  
  TextBlob (Linx, Mac, Win)
Sound Editing Software:
  Ardour Digital Audio (Linx, Mac)
  Audacity: Sound Editor (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Audio Software (Mac)
  LMMS (Linx, Win)  
  Praat (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Qtractor (Lin, Mac, Win)
  SoundGen: Synthesize Nonvebral Vocalizations
  Traverso (Linx, Mac, Win)

Other Important Resources:
  AutoTutor: Web-based Tutoring System
  Complete Works of Charles Darwin
  Christophe Pallier's
  Dictionaries: English, French, Italian, Spanish
  Idiomatic Expressions: I, II
  LimeSurvey: Survey Forms
  Prueba de Vocabulario
  Public Knowledge Project (PKP)
  Real Academia, Mexicana, Español 
  Replication Network
  Urban Dictionary
Tools for Audio Convertion (see also Here):
  Audioconvert (Linx)
  Flac (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Ffmpeg (Linx)
  Gnormalize (Lin)
  Lame (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Mplayer (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Mppdec (Linx, Mac, Win)
  Oggenc (Linx)
  Oggconvert (Linx)
  SoundKonverter (Linx)
  Listener Transcripts In Speech
Web Experimental Sofware:
  TestMyBrain: Web Experiment