Alien Arena: 3-D Game (Linux, Win) 
  America's Army (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Apricot; Game (Linux, Win)
  Arcade Games (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Armagetron (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Astromanace: 3-D Game (Linux, Win)
  Atanks: Game (Linux, Win)
  Bastet (cf. Tetris) (Linux, Win)
  Battle Tanks (Linux, Win)
  Battle for Wesnoth (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Celestia:  Space Simulator (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Chess Software (Win)
  Chess Games (Linux, Mac, Win)
  ChromiumB.S.U (Linux, Win)
  Crack Attack! Brain Game (Linux, Win)
  Crimson Fields (Linux, Mac, Win)
  CrystalSpace: Game Kit (Linux, Win) 
  Cube 2 (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Danger Deep (Linux, Win)
  Darkstar Sun's Project (Linux)
  DJL: Game  Repository (Linux)
  Duke Nukem (Win)
  Enemy Territory (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Enigma (Linux, Win)
  Fizzball: Well-designed (Linux)
  FlightGear: Simulator (Linux, Mac,Win)
  FloboPuyo: Puyo (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Freeciv: Civilizations Game (Linux, Mac, Win)
  FreeColColonization (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Free Games (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Frets on Fire (Linux, Mac, Win)
  FrozenBubble 3-D Games (Linux, Win)
  Game Editor: Create Games (Linux, Win)
  Games: Linux Game Catalog (Linux)
  Games: Lots of  (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Gifts for Gamers (Linux, Mac, Win)
  GGZGaming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  GLtron (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Helenathe3rd: Game (Linux, Win)
  KDE Games (Linux)
  KMahjongg: Mahjongg Game (Linux)
  Kobo: Shooter Arcade (Linux, Mac, Win)
  LBreakout2: Brain Games (Linux, Win)
  Lincity: Build Own City (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Linux Games People (Linux, Win)
  Linux: We got Games (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Live-CD Great Games (Linux)
  Mahjongg Solitaire (Linux, Win)
  Mana World: Children (Linux, Mac, Wi)
  Mania Drive: Racing (Linux, Win)
  Naev: 2D Spave Game (Linux, Win)
  Nexuiz: 3D Death Match (Linux, Win)
  Neverball: Puzzles, Action, Test of Skill. (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Neverputt: Mini Golf (Linux, Mac, Win)
  nInvaders: Low-tech game (Linux)
  Open Racer Simulator (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Open Simulator (Linux)
  Out of the Park Baseball (Linux, Mac, Win)
  PackMan (Linux, Win)
  PainTown 2D Fighthing Game (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Pingus: Lemming-Like Clone (Linux, Win)
  PlainShift: 3D Fantasy (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Quake (Linux, Win)
  Quake II (Linux, Win)
  Raptor-Chess_Interface (Linux, Mac, Win)
  RetroRoids: Asteroids (Linux, Mac, Win)
  RetroVaders (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Rzyom: Role Playing Game (Linux)
  SecretMaryo (Linux, Win)
  Scorched 3D (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Simcity: Cty-simulation (Win)
  Smokin' Guns: The Game (Linux)
  SoKobanYASC (Linux, Win)
  Space Invaders: Invaders (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Speed Dreams: Game (Linux, Win)
  Stellerium: Space (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Sudoku (Linux, Win)
  Super Gamer: Fun Game (Linux)
  SuperTux: 2D Racing (Linux, Mac, Win)
  SuperTuxKart: 3D Kart Racing (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Sunclock: Time Displayer (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Teeworlds: Retro-Shooter (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Top 20 Games (Linux, Mac, Win)
  TORCS Racing Car Simulator(Linux, Mac, Win)
  Tremulous (Linux)
  True Combat (Elite) (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Tux Racer (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Tux500 Indianapolis (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Unreal Development Kit for Games (Win)
  VDrift: Racing (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Vega Strike: 3-D Action-Space-Sim (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Vertigo: Arcade Game (Linux, Mac, Win)
  WarMux Game (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Warzone 2100: (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Wesnoth: Turn-Based Strategy Game (Linux, Mac, Win)
  World of Padman: 1st-Person Shooter (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Wolfenstein (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Wormux: Free Software Mascots Battle (Linuc, Mac, Win)
  XBubble: See FrozenBubble (Linux)
  Xkobo: Shooter Arcade (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Xplanet: Solar Simulator (Linux, Mac, Win)