Bibliography, References:
  Aigaion Web-based (Linux, Mac, Win)
  BibDesk: Reference Manager (Mac)
  Bibus References (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Connotea Reference (Linux, Mac, Win)
  JabRef References (Linux, Mac, Win)
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Children Apps:  
  Atanks: Game (Linux, Win)
  Celestia: Universe (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Class Play (Linux, Mac, Win)
  EduActive8: Free Collections (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Edubuntu: Have It All (Linux)
  Educational Software (Linux, Mac, Win)
  E-Learning & I (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Etoys: Teach Ideas (Linux, Mac, Win)
  KDE Education Project (Linux)
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  Ri-Li Arcade (Linux, Mac, Win) 
  Storytelling Alice: Programing (Win)
  TuxMath  Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  TuxPaint Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  TuxPrint Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Tux Write (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Artha: The Open Thesaurus (Linux)
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  Goldendict (Linux, Win)
  Stardict (Linux, Mac, Win)
  TheFreeDictionaries (Win)
  WordWeb Dictionary (Win)
  .dict: Dictionaries (Linux, Mac, Win)
  6 Best Dictionaries (Linux)
eBook Readers:
  Calibre: Reader (Linux, Mac, Win) 
  Lucidor: Reader (Linux, Mac)
  OpenInkpot: ebook (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Sigil: eBook Editor (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Amigo: Learn Spanish (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Canta: Sing (Linux, Win)
  C.a.R.: Geometry (Linux, Win)
  Childsplay (Linux)
  Cognitionplay (Linux)
  Counselor's Record (Linux)
  Counselor's Accounting (Linux)
  Desktop4Education (Linux)
  Duolingo: Languages (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Dr. Geo: Geometry (Linux)
  Edubuntu: OS (Linux)
  Eukleides: Geometry (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Flesh: Analyze Writing (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Free Software (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Free Music Archive (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Software (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Geogebra: Math (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Geometria: Geometry (Linux, Win)
  Geometry Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Geomview: 3D Viewing, Math (Linux)
  Grade Book Program (Linux)  
  GradeBook: Teachers (Linux)
  iTALC: Computer/Teaching (Linux, Win)  
  ItemBank: Teachers (Linux)
  JaLingo: Dictionary (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Jasig: Authenticate System (Linux, Win)
  KDE Education Project (Linux)
  KGeoGeometry (Linux)
  KIG: Interactive Geometry (Linux)
  KSEG: Interactive Geomtry (Linux)
Education (cont.):
  K12 Linux Project (Linux)
  Moodle: Courses CMS (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OmegaT Translation (Linux, Win)
  Omnitux: Multimedia (Linux, Win)
  OpenGrade: Grading (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OpenLogos: Translation (Linux)
  Pianobooster: Piano (Linux, Mac, Win)
  PlagiatInform: Search Plagiarism (Win)
  Sakai: Learning CMS (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Schoolsplay (Linux)
  Scratch: Fun Utilities (Linux)
  Singular: Algebra (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Skolelinux: OS (Linux)
  Software for Students (Linux, Win)
  Sdictionary (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Stellarium: Planes (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Syntax Untangler: Syntax (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Talking Book: Literacy (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Tellico: Collection Manager (Linux)
  TheFreeDictionaries (Win)
  TuXlab: Software, Documents (Linux)
  Translation Software
  WikindX: References (Linux, Mac, Win)
  WPopac: Library (Linux, Win)
  Writetype: Writing (Linux, Win)
  5 Information Systems (Linux, Mac, Win)
  5 Typing Tutors (Linux, Mac, Win)
  7 Best Calculators (Linux, Mac, Win)
  8 Best Geometry Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  9 Educational Games (Linux, Mac, Win)
  10 Top Educational Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  11 Bibliography Tools (Linux, Mac, Win)
  50 Education Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  50 Flash Cards (Linux, Mac, Win)
  50 Open Source Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  55 Educational Apps (Linux)
  Canorus: NoteEdit (Linux, Win)
  CSounds: Output (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Denemo: Editor (Linux)
  Free Music (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Frescobaldi: Music Editor  (Linux)
  FreqTweak: FFT-Based Audio (Linux)
  Frinika: Workstation (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Gcomposer: Write (Linux,  Mac, Win)
  Gstring: Guitar Tuner (Linux)
  Guituner: Guitar Tuner (Linux)
  Guitarix: Amplifier (Linux, Mac, Win)
  GnuDenemo: Notation (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Hydrogen: Drum Machine (Linux)
  Jad: Music (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Jalmus: Sight Reading (Linux, Mac, Win)
  JEdit: Music Notation (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Jtuner: Guitar (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Lenmus: Learn Music (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Linux Sampler: Music (Linux, Mac, Win)
  LiLyPondMusic (Linux, Mac, Win) 
  Muse: Notation (Linux, Win)
  MuseScore: Music Notation (Linux, Mac, Win)
  MuseScore: Notation (Linux, Win)
  Music Notation Editors (Linux, Mac, Win)
  MusicXML: Notation(Linux, Win)
  Musopen: Set music Free (Linux, Mac, Win)
  NoteEdit: Handbook (Linux)
  NtEd: Music Notation (Linux, Win)
  PianoBooster (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Recordare: Music Notation (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Renoise: Notation (Linux, Mac, Win)
  RoseGarden: Music Editor (Linux)
  Solfage: Ear Training (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Tete: Ear Training (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Timidity++: Music  (Linux, Win)
  TuxGuitar: Guitar (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Wineasio: Music (Linux)
  Wired: Music Production (Linux, Win)
  5 Educational Apps (Linux)
  5 Guitar Apps (Linux)
  Music Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  64 Studio: Music (Linux, Mac, Win)
Programming For Children:
  Alice: 3D-Programming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Anki: Learning Program (Linux, Mac, Win
  Etoys: Pogramming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Greenfoot (Linux, Mac, Win)
  KidZui: Browsern (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Parental Control (Linux)
  Scratch: Programming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Smallbasic (Win)
  Tools: Programming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  4 Tools for Programming (Linux, Mac, Win)
Programming Languages: 
  Anjuta: C/C+ (Linux)
  Borland C++ Compiler (Win)
  Cobra Language (Linux, Win)
  Cocotron: Objective-C (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Croquet: Virtual worlds (Linux, Mac, Win)
  D-Programming Language (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Dojo: Java Scripting (Linux, Mac, Win) 
  DotGNU: C# (Linux, Mac, Win)
  DRBD: Software Development (Linux)
  Eclipse: Tool, Integration (Linux)
  Eiffel Development Tools (Linux, Win)
  Edublocks: Python (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Falcon Programming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Freecountry: Programming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  FreePascal (Linux, Mac, Win)
  GAWK Programming (Linux)
  GCC: Compiler Connection (Linux)
  GCC D: Compiler (Mac)
  GDB: TDebugger (Linux, Win)
  Glade: Application Development (Linux)
  Go: Google Language (Linux)
  GnuStep: Object Oriented (Mac)
  F-Scripting Language (Mac)
  Hibernate: Java (Linux, Win)
  Ifhex: Edit Binary Hex Fiels (Linux)
  InstallBuilder: Tools (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Kdevelop:  Integrated Environment (Linux)
  Lazarus: (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Logjban (Linux, Win)
  Mono-Project (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OCLE Object Constraint (Linux, Win)
  Open C Programming (Linux)
  Perl Programming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  PHP Scripting (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Platypus: Developer Tool (Mac)
  PySide: Python for QT (Linux)
  Python & vPython (Linux, Mac, Win)
  QT4 C++ (Linux, Mac, Win)
  RealBasic 2007 (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Ruby: Object-Oriented (Linux, Mac, Win)
  reStructuredtext: Markup Syntax (Linux)
  Scratch: Programming (Linux)
  Seaside: Create Web Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
  SharpDevelop IDE C#, VB.NET (Win)
  Smallbasic (Win)
  Smalltalk programming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Sophie: Writing/ Reading Media (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Sparse: Parser, Compiler (Linux)
  Squeak: programming (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Storm: Object Relational-Mapper (Linux)
  TCL/TK Developer (Linux, Mac, Win)
  The 4th Compiler (Linux, Win)
  Vala GObject  Programing Language (Linux)
  Watcom: C/C++ Compiler (Linux, Win)
  WindowMaker: GnuStep (Mac)
  YACC (Linux, Unix
  XML Markup Language (Linux)
   8 Best Compilers (Linux)