Internet Applications:
  AirCrack-NG: WP and WPA-PSK Cracking (Win)
  Amahi: Server Solutions (Linux)
  Apache: Webserver (Linux)
  Bijk: Server Monitoring (Linux, Mac, Win) 
  Bedework: Calendar (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Boa Server (Linux, Win) 
  BRL-CAD: Solid Modeling (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Cacti: Network Graphing (Linux, Win)
  Cendio (cf. rdesktop) (Linux, Win)
  Codeignater Web App Framework (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Droopy: Mini Web Server (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Freenas: Network-Attach store (Linux)
  GnashFlash Movie Player (Linux)
  gPodder: Podcasts (Linux)
  Gpredict: Satellite Tracker (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Heritrix: Web archive (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Liferay: Portal Framework (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Liferea: Linux Feed Reader (Linux)
  Lighttpd: Webserver (Linux)
  Lvd By Less: Social Network Builder (Win)
  Mirth: HL7 Inteface Engine (Linux)
  Moonlight: Browser Plug-in (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Namebench: Speedup Computer (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Netboot.me: Internet Boot (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Netrik: Internet Viewer (Linux)   Freenx  Remote Desktop (Linux)
  Omni Web Client (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OpenExchance Server (Linux)
  OpenReports: Web Report (Linux, Win)
  Oropo: Task Distribution & Clustering (Linux)
  PHP-Nuke: Portal System (Linux, Win)
  Pooch: Parallel Processing (Mac)
  Proteous: Application Integration (Linux, Win)
  rdesktop: Remote Desktop Protocol (Linux, Win)
  RFXN: Networks (Linux)
  Second Life Client (Linux, Mac, Win)
  SLRN: News Reader  (Linux)
  SparkleShare: (cf. DropBox) Sharing (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Spicebird: E-Collaboration (Linux, Win)
  Struts: Server Software (Linux, Win)  
  TightVNC: Remote Desktop (Win)
  Tomcat: Servlet Container (Linux, Win)
  Tonido: Personal Money, Cloud Server (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Torproject Network (Linux, M ac, Win)
  WICD: Network Connector (Linux)
  Wireshark: Network Analysis (Mac, Win)
  Wordpress: Publishing (Linux, Win)
  Bilbo: Blooger (Linux)
Internet Blogging Apps:
  Choqok: Blogger (Linux)
Internet Browsers:
  Aurora: Light Broweser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Avant Browser (Win)
  Basillisk: Browser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Browzar: (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Camino: Browser (Mac)
  Chrome: Google Browser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Citadel: Groupware Server (Linux)
  Conkeror Browser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Dillo: A Little Browser (Linux, Mac)
  Elinks: Text Browser (Linux)
  Epiphany: Web Browser (Linux)
  Falkon: Browser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Flock: Browser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Firefox: Browser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Firefox: Portable (Win)
  Galeon: Browser (Linux)
  Gnome Web: Browswer (Linux)
  GreenBrowswer (Win)
  Hv3 Browser (Linux, Win)
  iCab: Browser (Mac)
  Indywiki: Wikipedia (Linux, Mac, Win)
  K-Meleon: Browser (Win)
  Konqueror: Browser (Linux)
  LibreWolf: Browser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Lunascape: Triple Engine Browser (Win)
  Lynx: Text-Based (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Mozilla: Browser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Netsurf: Browser (Linux, Win, Amiga, Haiku, BeOS)
  Opera: Browser (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Pale Moon: Browser (Linux, Win)
  Safari: Free Download (Mac, Win)
  SeaMonkey: Suite (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Sleipnir Browser (Win)
  Swiftweasel Optimized Firefox Browser (Linux)
  TenFourFox: Firefox for G3-G5 PPC (Mac)
  Tor: Anonymity (Linux, Mac, Win)
  ViewVC CVS Interface Subversion Repo (Linux, Win)
  VnStat: Network Traffic Monitor (Linux, Mac)
  W3m: Browser (Linux)
Internet Downloading Software:
Azureus (cf. Vuze) Bit Torrent (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Bitornado: Bit Torrent (Linux, Win)
  BitTorrent Download (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Cyberduck: FTP, SFTP S3 Browser (Mac)
  Deluge: BitTorrent (Linux, Mac, Win)
  D4x (Linux)
  EMule: File-Sharing (Win)
  FileZilla FTP Downloader (Linux, Mac, Win)

Internet Downloading Software:
  DesFlashgot: Download (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Fresh Download & Fresh Utilities (Win)
  Frostwire: P2P BitTorrent (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Giver: File Sharing Desktop (Linux)
  Jdownloader: Download (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Ktorrent (Linux)
  LotaNZB: Usenet Download (Linux)
  Metalink: Download (Linux, Mac, Win)
  MirrorBrain: Download Director (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Multiget (Linux)
  ProFTPd: Download (Linux)
  qBitTorrent (Linux)
  SpedDownload: High Speed(Mac)
  Sushi:Download Offline (Linux)
  Top Torrent Clients (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Torrentflux-b4rt (Linux)
  Transmission BitTorrent (Linux, Mac)
  Uget: Download Manager (Linux, Win)
  Utorrent: Download (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Vuze (cf. Azureus) Bit Torrent (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Wget: Downloading (Linux, Mac)
  WinSCP: File SFTP, FTP Transfer (Win)
  wxDownloadFast (Linux, Mac, Win)
Internet E-Mail: Alternatives to Exchange:
  Eudora (Penelope): Email (Mac, Win)
  Evolution: Email-Client (Linux, Mac, Win)
  ExQuilla: Thunderbird Exchange Addon (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Horde: Webmail (Linux)
  Nylas Mail: E-Mail Client (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OGO: Groupware (Linux)
  Sogo: Calendar Email (Linux)
  Thunderbird: EMail (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Zimbra: Email-Client (Linux, Mac)
Internet E-Mail:
  Claws: Email-Client (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Cone: Email Newsreader (Linux)  
  Elm E-Mail (Linux)
  IMAPSize: Thunderbird to Oulook (Win)
  iRedmail: Email Solutions (Linux)
  MH-E: Emacs Interface Email (Linux)
  Mmh: Message Handler (Linux)
  Mutt: E-Mail Client (Linux)
  Pegasus Email (Win)
  PGP: Apple's Mail (Mac)
  Roundup: Free Webmail Client (Linux)
  Scalix: Calendar Email (LInux)  
  Sylpheed: E-mail (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Thunderbird: Portable (Win)
Internet Free Phone (Free Calls):
  Asterisk: Telephony Engine & Tool Kit (Linux)
  Empathy: Instant Messenger (Linux)
  Gnu Gatekeeper: H.323 gatekeeper (Linux)
  Kiax: VoIP Calls to Asterisk PBX (Linux)
  Kphone: SIP AU (Linux)
  Linphone: SIP Video Phone (Linux, Win)
  Sip Witch: Free Calls (Linux)
  Skype: Free Calls (Linux, Mac, Win)
Internet Instant Messengers:
  aMSN: Instant Messenger (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Adium Instant Messendger (Mac)
  BitlBee: IRC Client (Linux, Win)
  Chatzilla: IRC (Linux, Mac, Win) 
  Empathy: Instant Messenger (Linux)
  Franz: Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. (Linix, Mac, Win)
  Gagim: Instant Messenger (Linux, Win)
  Google Voice/Chat (Linux, Mac, Win)
  GyachI Improved: Mesenger (Linux, Win)
  Instantbird: Messaging Client (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Iptus: Instant Messager(Linux)
  IRSSI: IRC (Linux)
  Jabbim: Instant Messenger (Linux, Win)
  Kmess: Instant Messenger (Linux, Win)
  Monkey Messenger (Linux)
  MRBS: Meeting Rooms (Linux)
  Psi: Instant Messenger (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Quassel: IRC (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Spicebird: E-Collaboration (Linux, Win)
  Telepathy:  Communication Framework (Linux)
  Trillian: Chat (Linux, Mac, Win)
  XChat: IRC Client (Linux, Win)
Internet Web Developing/Editors:
  Amaya Web Editor  (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Arachnoid: Web Editor (Linux, Win, Mac) 
  BlueFish: Web Editor (Linux, Mac)
  BlueGriffon: Web Editor (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Composer: Suite-Web Editor (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Django: Web Platform (Linux)
  Foswiki: Wiki Web Editing (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Joomla: Management (Linux, Win)
  KompoZer (See Also Nvu) (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Merb (See Also Rails) Web Development (Linux)
  Openoffice Writer-Web Editor (Linux, Mac, Win)  
  Rails3: See MerbRails (Linux)
  Screem: Web Editor (Linux)
  Tiwiki: See Foswiki (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Webkit (Linux, Mac, Win)
Internet Wireless:
  B43/B43 Legacy: See Broadcom (Linux)
  OpenFWWF: Wifi Firmware (Linux)