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TAMIU - U.S. Department of Education Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP) - Engineering and Science Improvement and Retention Enhancement (ESIRE)



Our Mission

  • To provide first-generation, underrepresented students especially females with opportunities to succeed and earn engineering and science degrees

  • To provide vigorous and cost-effective outreach and retention activities to all school and university students




  • Increase the number of Hispanic and minority students, particularly females, attaining engineering and science degrees

  • Increase the production of a continuous stream of highly competent and well-qualified minority engineers for South Texas and beyond



News and Updates:




TAMIU MSEIP Engineering Program for Middle and High School (MSEIP-EP)MSEIP-EP

TAMIU MSEIP Sophomore Workshop Program (MSEIP-SOPHOMORE)MSEIP Sophomore

STEM and Robotics Days and STEM Alliance Week

STEM Alliance and Robotics and Engineering Days

Girl Scouts Robotics and Engineering Day

Girl Scout Robotics and Engineering Day

For Middle, High School and University Students Interested in Studying Careers in





This workshop is sponsored and funded by the U.S. Department of Education: Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program. 

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