#COMEBACK: New Programs for Resuming Students

At Texas A&M International University, we're committed to helping all students determine the best options available for them to complete their degree. Through individualized assistance with the process of admissions, advising, registration, federal student aid, and financial assistance including grants and scholarships, we can help you come back and finish what you started!

Interested in returning to complete your degree? Begin your #comeback story by following these steps:


Step 1 - Application

Students that have not been enrolled in TAMIU for more than one year need to submit an ApplyTexas application.

Apply Today

Step 2 - Admission

Students need to submit all required documents to TAMIU.

Check Admission Status

Step 3 - FAFSA

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Submit Your FAFSA

Step 4 - Advising / Degree Evaluation

Students need to get a degree evaluation / advised for courses.

Find Your Advisor

For questions on admissions and registration, please email outreach@tamiu.edu.

Here are some available grants that can help you #comeback and finish what you started:

Graduating Student Dust Em

Texas Completion Repayment Grant

View requirements and apply by clicking the button below.



Texas Completion Repayment Grant Program

This grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board can clear institutional-level outstanding student balances, such as accumulated fees, institutional-level financial holds, or other related balance issues of up to $1,000 per student.

Your institutional-level debt must have been incurred prior to Fall 2021 to qualify for this grant award. Funds are available to students who would like to return to postsecondary education to complete their degree and current students who need support to pay off institutional debt to continue their enrollment.



Texas Reskilling Support Fund Grant Program

Another grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, this grant can provide support to TAMIU students returning to complete their degree, or students interested in obtaining a new degree, including a graduate degree.

You must not have enrolled in an accredited postsecondary institution in the previous academic semester and must complete a FAFSA to qualify.  Students can receive this grant to help pay tuition and fees between $500 and $2,500 per semester/term starting in the Spring 2022, Summer 2022, and Fall 2022 semesters.

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Texas Reskilling Support Fund Grant

View requirements and apply by clicking the button below.

still unsure of where to start? complete a closer than ever form and we'll get in touch with you.

After reviewing your history, we can outline options available to you and help you secure your TAMIU degree. 



Join us for a virtual information session to learn more about our #comeback initiative. 


These new programs for resuming students can really make a difference in helping you finish what you've started...

Isn't it time for your #comeback story?

Contact the Office of Outreach & Pre-College Programs
956.326.2270 | outreach@tamiu.edu
Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center, Suite 138
5201 University Boulevard, Laredo, Texas 78041