2016-2017 University Catalog

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NADM 5304 Advanced Practice Role
NADM 5310 Diversity and Social Issues in Health Care
NAMD 5318 Capstone Seminar
NADM 5319 Capstone Clinical Practicum
NADM 5415 Nursing Leadership in Complex Adaptive Health Systems
NADM 5416 Informatics
NADM 5417 Health Care Quality & Outcome Management

NFNP 5211 Diagnostic Laboratory Applications
NFNP 5304 Advanced Practice Role
NFNP 5305 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics
NFNP 5310 Diversity and Social Issues in Health Care
NFNP 5509 Management of Acute and Chronic Illness, Part 1
NFNP 5608 Management of Acute and Chronic Illness, Part 2
NFNP 5612 Integrated Clinical Practicum

NURS 2320 Nutrition
NURS 2321 Pathophysiology
NURS 3010 Health Assessment Clinical
NURS 3210 The History of Nursing
NURS 3310 Pharmacology
NURS 3311 Cultural Determinants of Health Behavior
NURS 3312 Global Health Nursing
NURS 3410 Health Assessment
NURS 3411 Childbearing and Women's Health Nursing
NURS 3412 Psychiatric Nursing
NURS 3510 Transition to Professional Nursing
NURS 3610 Basic Nursing
NURS 3611 Adult Health Nursing I
NURS 4199-4799 Special Topics
NURS 4310 Nursing Research
NURS 4410 Child Health Nursing
NURS 4411 Community Nursing
NURS 4412 Capstone
NURS 4610 Adult Health Nursing II
NURS 4611 Nursing Leadership and Management
NURS 5230 Advanced Pathophysiology I
NURS 5231 Advanced Pathophysiology II
NURS 5232 Advanced Pharmacology I
NURS 5233 Advanced Pharmacology II
NURS 5320 Theories Influencing Practice, Research, and Advanced Role
NURS 5321 Research Methods and Statistical Analysis
NURS 5322 Healthcare Informatics
NURS 5323 Healthcare Policy and Social Justice
NURS 5330 Advanced Health Assessment Theory
NURS 5331 Advanced Health Assessment Practicum
NURS 5332 Primary Care of Adults, Geriatrics, and Families
NURS 5333 Primary Care of Adults, Geriatrics, and Families Practirum
NURS 5334 Diagnostic Reasoning and Clinical Procedures
NURS 5335 Primary Care of Pediatrics and Families
NURS 5336 Primary Care of Pediatrics and Families Practicum
NURS 5337 Primary Care of Adults and Women's Health
NURS 5340 Organizational Behavior
NURS 5341 Transformational Leadership
NURS 5342 Health Quality Outcomes
NURS 5343 Finance for the Nurse Executive
NUSR 5344 Population Health
NURS 5430 Integrated Family Practicum
NURS 5440 Nurse Executive Integrative Leadership Practicum

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