Reporting to Law Enforcement

Victims/survivors have the option of notifying or not notifying law enforcement authorities including University and local police. An anonymous "Jane/John Doe" report can be filed with the police while deciding whether to pursue criminal charges. Law enforcement is able to help victims/survivors understand the process of obtaining protective orders, no contact orders, restraining orders, or similar lawful orders issued by the courts. Below is a list of local law enforcement agencies. Reports should be filed with the agencies where the incident occurred. The Title IX Office 956.326.2857 or TitleIX@tamiu.edu) is available to assist victims/survivors who choose to notify law enforcement authorities.

  • TAMIU Police Department
  • Laredo Police Department - Crime Victim Assistance Unit
    956.795.2800 (non-emergency line)
  • Webb County Sheriff's Office - Crime Victims Unit
    956. 718.8084

Title IX Office
Killam Library, Room 159B
5201 University Boulevard
Laredo, Texas 78041

Email: TitleIX@tamiu.edu
Telephone: 956.326857
Facsimile: 956.326359