Tips for Supporting Victims/Survivors

Sexual violence, sexual assault, and relationship violence are very real, complex, and disturbing issues. Normal feelings and reactions of victims/survivors include emotional shock, numbness, anger, disbelief, denial, fear, anxiety, confusion, loss of control, powerlessness, shame, embarrassment, depression, isolation, self-blame, guilt, and sleep disturbance. Here is what you can do to help and support a victim/survivor:

  • Assume that what they tell you did happen.
  • Show you care. Listen.
  • Never blame them. Tell them you believe them.
  • Do not judge. Remind them they are not responsible—the perpetrator is. Remind them that no one deserves to be abused.
  • Let them know they are not alone. Guide them to campus or community resources.
  • Remind them that their feelings and reactions are natural and normal.
  • Seek guidance for yourself on what more you can do to help. You cannot support someone else if you are not supported yourself.

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