Confidentiality & Privacy

TAMIU wishes to create an environment in which individuals feel comfortable to discuss concerns and make complaints/reports. The confidentiality of information received and the privacy of individuals involved will be limited to those with a reasonable need to know and kept private to the greatest extent possible.

All TAMIU employees (except licensed counseling personnel officially acting in this capacity such as those under the Employee Assistance Program available to employees or those in TAMIU’s Office of Student Counseling Services available to students) have an obligation to report sexual misconduct, even if the individual providing the information requests that the information be kept confidential and that no action be taken.

An individual's request to withhold his/her name, the name of the alleged violator, or request not to investigate or seek action will be considered in the context of TAMIU’s duty to provide a safe and non-discriminatory work and educational environment. Although requests to withhold information or to not investigate the alleged misconduct may limit TAMIU’s ability to respond and provide accommodations or protective measures, TAMIU will do so to the greatest extent possible.

The TAMIU Title IX Office exercises the utmost discretion and remains respectful of students' and employees' privacy. When determining the degree of confidentiality we can provide, we take into consideration many factors including whether the incident has a significant impact on the campus, the presence of the offender, the likelihood of increased risk of future sexual violence actions under a similar situation, whether sexual violence was used as a weapon, the age of those involved, and whether the school possesses other means to obtain relevant evidence.

Confidential resources for students are available in the Office of Student Health Services, the Office of Student Counseling & Disability Services, and the TAMIU Community Stress Center.

Title IX Office
Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library (KLM) 159B
5201 University Boulevard
Laredo, Texas 78041

Email: TitleIX@tamiu.edu
Telephone: 956.326.2857
Facsimile: 956.326.2359