Care of Your TAMIU OneCard

Front of ID Card

Care of your TAMIU OneCard

To protect your TAMIU OneCard, treat it with care as you would your driver's license or credit card. Magnetic fields can demagnetize and invalidate your TAMIU OneCard, so keep it away from TV's, stereo equipment, microwaves and other magnetic devices.

  • If your card becomes demagnetized, bring it to the Campus Card Services Office (ZSC 131) to have it replaced.
    There is no charge to replace a demagnetized card.

Damaged Cards from Normal use

  • If your OneCard is damaged due to wear and tear or the mag stripe has stopped functioning, you can get a replacement id card for free by bringing in your current TAMIU OneCard.

Damaged Cards from Abusive use

  • If you have abused your TAMIU OneCard (i.e. punching a hole in the card or breaking it in half or using it to open room doors), a replacement card will cost $10.00 even if the mag stripe appears to not function or the barcode is unreadable.

Card Services
Location: ZSC 131
Phone: 956.326.2877