Electronic Door Access

Image of front of the ID Card


TAMIU is deploying a card access system throughout multiple locations on campus. The system utilizes the magnetic stripe on the TAMIU OneCard (employee/student identification card).

When the buildings with exterior card access are closed to the public, you will need your TAMIU OneCard to gain entry. Areas equipped with card access that require a higher level of security will remain locked at all times and require card swipe.

Lost Cards

The following doors are currently secured with the electronic door access system:

BLK Building (Bob Bullock Hall)

CWT Building (Dr. Billy F.Cowart Hall)-  Exterior door closest to Killam Library

CNS Building (Canseco Hall)-  Exterior door in main lobby

FPA Building (Center for the Fine and Performing Arts)-  Exterior door in main lobby
FPA-131 – Music Lab
FPA-227- Art Lab

KLM Building (Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library)- Exterior door in main lobby
KLM-005 (Police Dispatch)
KLM-155 (OIT Offices)
KLM-256 (OIT Data Center)
KLM-257 (OIT Offices)

REC Building-(Kinesiology, Wellness and Recreation Center)-  Exterior door in main lobby

LBV Building (Lamar Bruni Vergara Science Center)-  Exterior door on east side (by the main elevator)
LBV-121 – Research Lab

PLG Building (Anthony J. and Georgia A. Pellegrino Hall)-  Exterior door in main lobby

RLC Buildings (Residential Learning Community)
Pedestrian Walk Gates
Exterior building doors

ZSC Building (Zaffirini Success Center)
Exterior doors in main lobby
Exterior door on east side (facing KWRC)

STC Building (Student Center)

WHT Building (Western Hemispheric Trade Center)-  Exterior door located in northeast corner (closest to Cowart Hall)

Instructions for Using the Card ReadersCard Reader Swipe.jpg

  • Swipe your TAMIU OneCard with the magnetic stripe facing the LEDs on the reader.
  • If you are authorized to use the doorway, the door will unlock and the light will stay green. If you do not open the door within 15 seconds, the door will relock.
  • If the light immediately turns red, then you are not authorized for this doorway.

Requesting access

To request access for a door with electronic card access, your supervisor or department head must send a request to onecard@tamiu.edu. The email must include the employee(s) name, UIN and building or room location(s).

Lost Cards

If your card is ever lost, immediately contact Card Services at (956) 326-2877 during business hours or Campus Police at (956) 326-2100 and your card will be deactivated.

Card Services
Location: ZSC 131
Phone: 956-326-2877/Fax: 956-326-2879