Final Grade Submission

Final grade submission is done via Uconnect. Once you log in to Uconnect, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Faculty Dashboard icon.
  2. Click on the Final Grades link,  select the current term grades will be entered for, and submit. 
  3. You will see a dropdown with the course(s) you are teaching this term(s). Once you select the course you will be directed to the grade submission portal. 
  4. Once you see the roster for that particular course, select the grade from the dropdown box that is to be assigned to each student.  Make sure to submit grades periodically since there is a 10-minute time limit and your changes will not be saved.  
  5. Make sure a grade is submitted for all students enrolled. (Students with a grade of “W” or “WS” do not require any action.)  Once all grades have been entered, click Submit. 
  6. EXIT Uconnect.


Grade changes/corrections can only be made while the grading cycle is open on Uconnect.  After the final grading cycle has closed, changes/corrections must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar on a Change of Grade Form. 


Grades of “incomplete” may not be selected unless you have received in advance written approval from your department chair and dean.  Please refer to your college and university policies for the criteria that must be met by the student to justify a request for an “incomplete” and for the appropriate approval form.  Assigning an incomplete grade is now allowed from self-service Banner. If you have been authorized by your chair and dean to assign “I” (incomplete) grades, when you click on “SUBMIT”, you will be taken to another page so that you can enter the extension date for every student you assigned an “I” to. The Extension Date serves as the deadline to the student of when all assignments must be completed in order to get a grade for the course.  If a student fails to complete the work for the course, the grade will revert automatically to a grade of “F.” Please follow directions posted on each page of the actual rosters online.



Please be reminded that there is a grade of “FN” (Failure for Non- Attendance) that could be posted on a student’s record along with the last date of attendance.  The “FN” grade indicates that a student has failed a course due to non-attendance.  It is calculated as an “F” in the student’s grade point average.  The last date of attendance may constitute the last time a student attended class, the last time student submitted any required assignments, or the last exam the student presented.  The Department of Education requires that institutions of higher education receiving federal funding must complete a Return to Title IV. 

NOTE: Student attendance information does not have to be submitted UNLESS the student is receiving a letter grade of FN (Failure for Non-attendance). 

If you experience any difficulties with the grading process, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 326-2250 or send an email to registrar@tamiu.edu

Grades may also be submitted through Blackboard, see instructions below:

  1. Log-on to Blackboard and go to the grade book for each course.
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions that will assist you with the Grade Approval and Transfer process. (If you have not set up your Blackboard grade book, visit the Grade Center site for further instructions and information.)

Contact the eLearning team at elearning@tamiu.edu or at (956) 326-2792 if you need assistance regarding course submission through Blackboard.