Incomplete Grade Process

Assigning an "I" (incomplete) grade is now allowed from self-service Banner for faculty members. Please be sure that advanced, written approval has been granted from the department chair and dean in order to select the "I" grade option.


Incomplete grades are given to students who have completed the majority of the work and are PASSING the course prior to the last day to withdraw, but are pending to complete a term paper, examination, or other required work. Failure to comply with the stipulations will result in the “I” being converted to an “F” through an administrative action of the University Registrar.


If a faculty member has assigned any "I" grades, they will be taken to a page on self-service Banner where they may enter the extension date for every student assigned an "I." The Extension Date serves as the deadline to the student of when all assignments must be completed in order to get a grade for the course.  Please follow directions posted on each page of the actual rosters online. 


The Request for Change of Grade form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar once all required work has been submitted by the student in order to update the student's final grade.


NOTE:  The “Incomplete Grade Assignment Contract” form does NOT need to be submitted.