The Student Leave of Absence (LOA) Rule assists and encourages service members to return and graduate after an absence of two or more consecutive long semesters from TAMIU. Absences during summer sessions are excluded, as continuous enrollment is not affected. Eligible students are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits provided by an LOA, e.g., no need to apply for readmission to University and may participate in their regularly scheduled registration/enrollment period upon return. Please note that re-admission to a college program may be required.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for an LOA, a student must be eligible to register for classes and meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a degree-seeking student.
  2. Be registered during the semester immediately prior to the beginning of the LOA:
    1. A student who was admitted as a new first-time freshman, transfer student, or graduate student, but did not attend will not be eligible for an LOA. Instead, the student should contact the Office of Admissions. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School.
    2. A student who was readmitted but did not attend will not be eligible for an LOA. Instead, the student should contact the Office of Admissions. Graduate Students should contact the Graduate School.
  3. Be in good academic standing or on academic probation with their college.
  4. Have no holds (e.g., disciplinary, business, testing, etc.), which would restrict registration.

Note: Students with Business Office holds may be given consideration for an LOA if authorized by the Bursar’s Office.

  1. Have submitted any outstanding high school and/or transfer transcripts if prior admission/readmission and continued enrollment were contingent upon receipt of those transcripts.

Process for Obtaining an LOA

The student should do the following:

  1. Review the rule and complete the Leave of Absence Request form promptly upon first knowledge that an LOA is needed. Leave of Absence Form
  2. Schedule appointment with the department chair and college/school Dean for review and approval: College/school approval is required for an absence of two or more consecutive semesters to review the LOA application and the following issues:
    1. Impact on progress towards degree.
    2. Catalog year and status after LOA.
    3. Academic standing issues.
    4. Transfer policies, incomplete grades, agency requirements (e.g., state licensing/certification), and other academic issues, if applicable.
    5. Possible change of majors to a major within the same college or in another college. Process for completing major change prior to LOA is reviewed.
  3. Contact other offices, if applicable:
    1. Office of Financial Aid – Students who have received financial aid should request information about loan counseling, program rules that require continuous enrollment, and satisfactory progress. Students who have received scholarships should request information about possible deferment policies.
    2. Bursar’s Office – Students should review their online student account and pay all outstanding charges to avoid late charges and possible referral to an outside collection agency. Students requiring assistance with their accounts should visit or call the Bursar’s Office. Students with Business Office holds must contact the Bursar’s Office in order to set up a formal payment plan. Once a formal payment plan has been created, the Bursar’s Office will provide signoff on the LOA which is then returned to the appropriate office for processing.
    3. Veterans Affairs – Students who receive veterans’ educational benefits and/or students leaving the University due to a military activation should contact the Veteran Affairs Office in the Office of the University Registrar for information and assistance.
    4. Graduate School-Graduate students should submit their leave of absence request to the Dean of Graduate School before the second week of the first semester of absence.
  4. Submit the Leave of Absence Request form:
    1. Once the required signatures have been obtained, the application is returned to the Office of the University Registrar. The student may return the form in person.
    2. The student follows the established procedures for withdrawing if registered for the current term and finds that completely withdrawing mid-semester is necessary, as well as the procedures for canceling any registration already submitted for any future term(s) during the requested LOA.

NOTE: Students receiving financial aid must visit the Financial Aid Office for information on how withdrawal impacts their financial aid.

    1. Satisfactory evidence (i.e., physician note, medical release, etc.) must be submitted to the instructor or as required by the college.
    2. The student updates their mailing address on the student information system, if necessary.

Returning from an LOA

  1. 1. At the time of return, a student must continue to be eligible to register (i.e., have no enrollment restrictions, such as account delinquency, disciplinary hold, or academic disqualification).
  2. A student returning earlier than the originally agreed return date should provide notice to the Office of the University Registrar as soon as possible, keeping in mind applicable deadlines, such as advising, registration, financial aid, etc.
  3. A student must meet all financial aid requirements and deadlines for the academic year of their return.
  4. The Office of the University Registrar will identify concerns, if any, arising during the student’s LOA, which may make the student ineligible for registration and work with the school/college to resolve them, if possible.

Contact Information:
Office of the University Registrar
Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center, 121
Laredo, TX 78041-1900

Further information on the Student Leave of Absence Rule can be found on page 69 of the TAMIU Student Handbook linked below.



You do not have to navigate this process alone! The Veterans Affairs Office can assist all students called to active duty or on orders for drill. Our office can reach out to faculty on your behalf should you need us to. Please contact us at veterans@tamiu.edu or at 956.326.2254.