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  • Sponsored by TAMIU and partner schools/consortia.

  • Remain enrolled at TAMIU (undergraduate 12 SCH, graduate 9 SCH minimum) and pay TAMIU tuition and fees.

  • Study abroad duration typically one semester or one year.

  • Language of instruction often language of the host country, with exception of business programs (taught typically in English as well) or Northern European Countries.

  • Credits calculated into TAMIU's GPA.

  • Undergraduate students can record a maximum of 6 SCH as pass/fail upon their return, rather than a letter grade.

  • Full transfer of financial aid (federal, state, and institutional).



Partner Scholarship
Canada University of New Brunswick Most disciplines
$ 500
Chile Universidad del Bio-Bio Business, Education, Engineering
$ 500
Hong Kong City University of Hong Kong Business, Communication, Social Sciences, Science
$ 250
France EuroMed Marseille Business
$ 250
Germany Fachhochschule fur Technik & Wirtschaft Business
$ 500
  Europa Universitat Viadrina Business
$ 500
Netherlands Arnhem Business School Business
$ 500
Mexico Universidad Regiomontana Business
$ 250
  Universidad Aut. de San Luis Potosi Business, Social Sciences, Sciences, Engineering
$ 250
Spain Universidad de Cordoba - ETEA Business
$ 250



In addition to the above listed institutions, you can attend well over another 100 foreign universities through the International Student Exchange Program, offering you a large selection of majors, locations, and programming to choose from.  The ISEP Exchange Program works very similar to TAMIU’s own exchange programs, the main difference being that you have different application dates and a different study abroad application to complete. 

Visit the ISEP Web site for detailed information regarding placement locations, course options, and the application process.  ISEP applications for study abroad have to be submitted to the Office of International Education by following dates:

Going abroad Fall Semester                          Submit application by Jan. 15

Going abroad Spring Semester                     Submit application by Aug. 15

Note: Should you plan to go to Spain for a semester, your best option will be the Spring semester to avoid scheduling conflicts.  However, this is a very competitive time to go, so you are advised to submit your application the preceding Spring semester (i.e. if you plan to study abroad spring 2011, your ISEP study abroad application should be in by Jan. 15, 2010, to ensure a better chance of program/location selection).  Applicants for Japan should also apply one year in advance.