Go Beyond and Become Engaged!

TAMIU is engaged in numerous collaborations with the community, locally and globally.

There are various ways to engage, whether you are a student, faculty, or community member. 

Find out how you can connect and collaborate!
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TAMIU offers various opportunities for students to become engaged with the community. 

  • Enroll in a service-learning course: Visit TAMIU Scheduler in Uconnect and look for SL designated courses to engage with the community and earn course credit. 

  • Enroll in the Civic Engagement Certificate and apply your academic skills in civic engagement activities. 

  • Become a tutor for the TAMIU-LBV Literacy Partnership

  • Volunteer in the HEB Read 3 Literacy Program to promote reading to children in our community. 

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Visit Trailblazers and sign-up for various community service projects and give back to the community. 

  • Volunteer with VITA Laredo and prepare income taxes for our community members. 

  • Attend our IBC Bank Keynote Speaker Series to learn from scholars in the trade and business field.

  • Become a member of a student organization: Visit SOLE 

There are various ways for you to engage with TAMIU students, faculty, and staff. 

You can find various ways to involve the community in your teaching or research.