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Texas A&M International University's Office of Continuing Education (CE) provides opportunities for certificates, test prep, and enrichment through courses offered by learning partners. Many of our courses offer the chance to start a new career or add new skills to your professional toolbox. Let us know how we can help you meet and exceed your professional and personal enrichment goals!

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Feature Course

Yoga for Beginners

This yoga series will focus on finding alignment and fluidity in the yoga poses, leading to a greater sense of kinesthetic awareness, more stability in the joints, and more strength in our core muscle groups..

Bootcamp Courses

Our newest product line!

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AI Machine Learning

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Bootcamp is an accelerated program focusing on creating the next generation of AI and machine learning professionals.

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The Cybersecurity Bootcamp is designed to empower the next generation of cybersecurity professionals to tackle advanced and critical threats.

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Full Stack Web Development

The Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp is an immersive and accelerated training course that helps you learn several front-end to back-end programming/scripting languages

Online Programs
Low-Cost, Remote Upskilling

CE offers a variety of online certificate programs such as: Legal, Medical, Business, and more. 

AP Summer Institute
Instructor Training for AP Courses

The AP® Summer Institute at Texas A&M International University offers challenging AP and Pre-AP Professional Development courses and Academics that address advanced topics in AP. Endorsed by the Southwest Region of the College Board.

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A University teaching a group of young students about robotics.

Dusty's Junior University
Youth Enrichment Camp

Give your child a unique summer camp experience with Dusty's Junior University. Our camp provides overachieving youth the opportunity to experience University life while nurturing their knowledge. Camp members work closely with our University's faculty and staff to cultivate their academic skills through fun, engaging projects.

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