Face-to-Face Classes

Face-to-Face courses are a great way to form connections, unwind after a hard day of work, and add to your skillset. We tailor our semester courses to reflect the demand in our community.

This semester our courses focus on:

  • Art Workshop for Kids February Session
  • Art Workshop for Kids March Session
  • French for Kids 
  • TSI Prep Math
  • TSI Prep Reading
  • Japanese Course for Adults 

We look forward to seeing you!


our Courses
Expand Your Skillset

This Spring 23' Semester we're offering four unique face-to-face courses to help you build on your sign language and artistic skills.

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Refund/Cancellation Policy

The Office of Continuing Education provides refunds for classes that are canceled or not attended by the student (withdrawal). If your class was canceled you will be reimbursed one hundred percent (100%). If you did not attend the course and would like a refund refer to our *Withdrawal Policy.* Payments received via credit/debit/ATM card will be processed for refund within twenty four (24) hours. Your bank may take up to five days to process the refund. Payments received via cash or check require the following documents to be completed and submitted to our office, W9 Form (Required) and the Vendor Direct Deposit (Optional) for payment processing. The refund process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month from the date documents were received.

Withdrawal Policy

Students may drop the course with a non-refundable 10% administrative fee if written notice is given to The Office of Continuing Education by email at ce@tamiu.edu ten (10) days before class begins; otherwise, full payment for course must be submitted.