Mission, Vision, & Values


Killam Library advances academic excellence by providing access to unique and curated resources that inspire curiosity, creativity, and innovation, while offering exceptional services, a quality user experience, and specialized expertise.


Killam Library will be viewed as an essential, respected, and valued institutional asset; librarians and library staff will be seen as trusted colleagues and partners in research and teaching.


Partnership & Engagement
We facilitate, promote, and collaborate with patrons in the academic endeavors and scholarship.

We cultivate a welcoming library that nurtures academic freedom and open access to the world of information, recognizing the strength that these bring to our institution.

Creativity & Innovation
We foster an environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, creative experimentation, and the expansion of knowledge.

Integrity & Professionalism
We adhere to the principles of integrity and professionalism that encourages input, promotes discussion, and assures a collegial atmosphere.

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