University Library Committee

Composition will be one representative per academic department or division or free-standing academic unit, with the Chair appointed by the Provost from the faculty membership; faculty appointments will be made by department chairs (or heads of academic units) who will submit their choices through the Provost to the Faculty Senate for concurrence. The Director of the Library or his/her designate will serve as ex-officio member. (Faculty Handbook)

University Library Committee Representatives

Name Department or Division
Arellano Jr., Juan  Mathematics & Physics (COAS)
Bayless, Emily Fine & Performing Arts (COAS)
Flores, Gilberto Army (ROTC, COAS)
Ganta, Deepak Engineering (COAS)
Garza, Sergio Curriculum & Pedagogy (COED)
Hinojosa, Rogelio Killam Library
Komoski, Mary Cate Psychology & Communications (COAS)
Luo, Fei Social Sciences (COAS)
Mandal, Hari Biology & Chemistry (COAS)
Mena, Jessie College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Niemeyer, Paul Humanities (COAS)
Peña-Sanchez, Rolando DIBTS (School of Business)
Rawlins, Ben Killam Library (ex officio)
Watkins Grayson, Virginia University College
Wei, Susan DIBFS (School of Business)

Library Information

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(956) 326-2112
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