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University Department Library Liaison

Killam Library solicits the assistance of the teaching faculty in developing the library's collections. Most of the money for new books and AV materials is divided between the academic departments and colleges, which generate book and AV requests to spend their allotted funds. Each department or college handles materials requests differently. Faculty members should consult their department chairpersons for instructions regarding the selection process.

A librarian is assigned to each department or college

College/Department Library Liaison Phone Email
A.R. Sanchez School of Business Eva Hernandez 956-326-2114 eva.hernandez@tamiu.edu
Anthropology Jeanette Hatcher 956-326-2404 jhatcher@tamiu.edu 
Biology & Chemistry Chao Chen 956-326-2119 chao.chen@tamiu.edu
College of Education Mayra Bonet 956-326-2137 mayra.bonet@tamiu.edu
College of Nursing & Health Sciences Chao Chen 956-326-2119 chao.chen@tamiu.edu 
Criminal Justice Mayra Bonet 956-326-2137 mayra.bonet@tamiu.edu 
Fine & Performance Arts Mayra Bonet 956-326-2137 mayra.bonet@tamiu.edu
History Jeanette Hatcher 956-326-2404 jhatcher@tamiu.edu
Language Mayra Bonet 956-326-2137 mayra.bonet@tamiu.edu 
Literature Mayra Bonet 956-326-2137 mayra.bonet@tamiu.edu 
Mathematics & Physics Chao Chen 956-326-2119 chao.chen@tamiu.edu
Political Science Mayra Bonet 956-326-2137 mayra.bonet@tamiu.edu 
Psychology & Communications Malynda Dalton 956-326-2403 mdalton@tamiu.edu
Public Administration Jeanette Hatcher 956-326-2404 jhatcher@tamiu.edu 
Sociology  Jeanette Hatcher 956-326-2404 jhatcher@tamiu.edu
School of Engineering Chao Chen 956-326-2119 chao.chen@tamiu.edu
University College Chao Chen 956-326-2119 chao.chen@tamiu.edu
Women & Gender Studies Jeanette Hatcher 956-326-2404 jhatcher@tamiu.edu 
Writing Mayra Bonet 956-326-2137 mayra.bonet@tamiu.edu 

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