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Place Item on Reserve

Faculty may place books, photocopies, and media on reserve. Library books may also be put on reserve. The circulation period may be set at three days, one day, two-hours/overnight, or two-hours library use only.

Please allow 3-5 business days for items to be made available for students.

Items that CAN be placed on Reserve:
  • Books owned by the Library
  • Personal copies
Please note the following items CANNOT be placed on Reserve:
  • Reference books
  • Journals
  • Materials from other libraries
At the end of each semester, all materials on reserve will be returned, unless the Circulation staff is notified.

Copyright Guidelines - Fair Use

Faculty/instructors need to determine whether the use of a copyrighted work requires permission or if the fair use exception is applicable. Library personnel are available to help in interpreting the four factors of fair use.

The fair use exception does not give instructors the freedom to use copyrighted materials solely on the basis that the material will be used for educational purposes. There are a total of four factors that must be evaluated:
  • The purpose and character of the use
  • The nature of the copyrighted work
  • The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the work as a whole
  • The effect of the use on the potential market for the work

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