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IBC Training Requirements


Initial face-to-face biosafety training and online CITI IBC training will be provided to all faculty, staff and students involved in biohazardous or recombinant agent use conforming to those requirements outlined in the NIH Guidelines.  The committee and each investigator will assure that personnel are qualified to perform their specific duties. The training and instruction will be made available, and the qualifications of personnel reviewed, with sufficient frequency to fulfill TAMIU’s responsibility as specified in NIH Guidelinesnd as specified in the TAMIU IACUC Policy and Procedures manual. 


Currently Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) is not mandatory unless working on a federally funded project.  RCR training is required every four years or once per level (ie. once as an undergraduate, once as a master's student etc.).


Depending on project, additional trainings may be required.


CITI trainings can be completed in multiple sessions - Click here for registration instructions


Contact Celeste Kidd for CITI registration assistance or to find out face-to-face training dates, 326-3028


     I.  Guide to the IBC Application Process - Researchers Start Here

    II.  IBC Forms, Guidelines/Regulations and Useful Links

   III.  Training - Required

   IV.  IBC Members

    V.  Frequently Asked Questions

   VI.  TAMIU IBC Policy and Procedures Manual (available from IBC Chair)


If you have questions, please contact the IBC Chair
Dr. Michael Kidd, (, LBV312B, 956-326-2585)


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