III. Training


Financial conflict of interest training is required: 

  • Within 30 days of the Investigator’s initial employment date;
  • Training must be repeated every 4 years


The training course for Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research is located in the TrainTraq system and to access the course you need to:

  • Log onto the Single Sign On System (SSO)
  • Click on "TrainTraq"
  • Click on the "Course Catalog" Tab at the top of the page
  • Search for either the name of course "Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research" or the course number "2111716"
  • Complete the course


  1. Conflict of Interest Main Page
  2. Procedure for Identifying and Managing Financial Conflicts of Interest
  3. Training
  4. Conflict of Interest Form and Useful Links
  5. Public Accessibility of Financial Conflicts of Interest


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